Ask yourself when you are old, when you look back on your life would you regret not seeing the world not experiencing it’s beauty and it’s mystery. We often speak of the majestic beauty of this world but how much of it have you truly seen with your own eyes?

travel sentiment
Truest sentiment

When it comes to travelling we are often reluctant, for some it’s lack of time, not affordable, might be too stressful etc. I honestly think there are countless reasons that could make the concept of travelling overwhelming.


Now think about this, why travel is worth all the overwhelming hassles we can discuss for days. One simple answer, “the experience”. The recent events taught us one great lesson, human beings resist the idea of confinement. Sociologically we are not engineered to remain in isolation. We are inquisitive, we are adventurous and most importantly we have this innate desire to seek answers.

I feel and strongly believe travel provides a sense of adventure that we cannot find anywhere else, it’s a sense of freedom it’s a sense of excitement which is incomparable. Traveling in a nutshell is a passage to sights, sounds and time that could be treasured for years to come.

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  • Fall 2020, a dim sense of festivities & celebration.
    Fall 2020 just like rest of the year has a different feeling a different meaning. Usually fall means cooler weather, holiday festivities, crisps air leading into winter. Starting with Halloween then thanksgiving to Christmas. And then we say our goodbyes to the present year and welcome the new year. But this year every celebration has
    Here we go again, “the fall” is here. Frankly it is one of my favorite seasons, simply because of the energy the festivities, the color of fall well the list goes on and on. Goes without saying this particular fall is like no other. Nevertheless it is a season to celebrate. A time to exchange
  • Stimulus talk, political cruelties.
    Moment 31 is no way repeat no way have any political affiliation and frankly any preferences. It’s the people who matter, I remember President Bush telling the world telling the nation not to hold a religion responsible for the cowardly acts of terrorists. I also remember President Obama and Late Senator John McCain disagreeing in
  • Chase your dream. Chase your dream no matter what!!!
    Dream big and chase after it As kids we were told to dream big, we were encouraged to chase after our dreams. Parents, teachers, coaches, family members told us anything is possible. Do recall that moment when you did believe anything is possible? As we get older we become more realistic, instead of chasing after
  • Getting in shape after 40. It’s not as difficult.
    40 is a milestone in life Though we like it or not certain age is considered a milestone. Consensus is 20s to enjoy and party, 30s to build a career and start a life and 40s gateway to midlife. Yes these are insanely arbitrary nevertheless we buy into the narrative. Now scientifically older we get

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