What are your reasons to travel?

Remember when we could travel at will? And then 2020 came, all changed from there. Did you travel a lot before 2020? Looking back can you say you’ve seen the world? If you are fortunate enough to travel often, what were your reasons to travel? Reasons to travel vary for everyone. Some travel to get away from the stress of life. Some travel for work more than travel for fun. And then there are few often contemplate traveling but never really get that plane ticket.

Sometimes life gets in the way, but traveling is an experience we all must have. Reasons to travel abroad or reasons to travel to your favorite destinations over and over are loaded with possibilities.

If you have no reasons to travel well I won’t try to sway you but I will ask please do not close yourself to the possibilities. And in an essence travel often leads to possibilities. I do not have a shortage of reasons to travel, I simply love the experience and memories I create.

reasons to travel
Truest sentiment

Your reasons to travel might be bigger than you think

Reasons to travel: number 1# World is a beautiful, mysterious, alluring, joyous place. The end, there you have it, all the reasons to travel. Ok maybe not all the reasons to travel but it’s prety great one. Reasons to travel at least in my option cannot be quantified. There are few universal reasons to travel and then there are individual unique reasons to travel. I wanna see Italy because I am infatuated with the culture, the beauty of the country, the history, the food and more. Another person may wanna travel to Italy because their ancestors are Italian, they wanna to the culture the history their famy was a part of.

Your reasons to travel may feel secondary after enduring all the chaos of life. But someday the chaos of life might be minimized, you just might have the life you always wanted but not as much time. You may have the satisfaction of having a successful life but never felt how majestic it is to stand in front of The Taj Mahal. You might have the love of your life waking up next to you but you never woke up with them in Paris. Hopefully you are getting the idea. Once you feel the true emotions of travel you end up wanting more. The beautiful screensaver you are staring at is out there waiting for you. If you really wanted to be there, is there anything that could really stop you?

I feel and strongly believe travel provides a sense of adventure that we cannot find anywhere else. It’s a sense of freedom and a sense of excitement which is incomparable. In a nutshell traveling is a passage to sights, sounds and time that could be treasured for years to come. When I was 5 I took a train ride with my dad, to this day that’s my best travel experience. Two years later I lost my dad and that was the last trip he and I took, just father and son.

The day we took that trip, my dad showed up to my school and got me out with an excused absence. First I thought something bas was about to happen, my dad just kept smiling and said to me “I have a surprise for you”. So after he said that my first guess was ‘he is going to buy me that bike I asked for’. Few minutes later we were dropped off in front of train station. It was surreal. I had never seen a train before, only in pictures. My dad turned to me and said “we are going on a trip”. My dad had booked a cabin for us. So we took our trip, riding the train seeing all sorts of scenic views was simply spectacular.

It wasn’t riding the train it wasn’t the destination it was the experience. Having lost my dad years later I appreciate that memory more everyday. That was our trip. That what traveling gave me, a memory second to none.

Reasons to travel in a nutshell is finding ourselves. Traveling often tells us who we are. If you travel to places or countries that rich in progressive art, museums, paintings, birth places of legendary artists it reflects your curiosity for arts and cultural development. If you travel often to cities that have that glitzy nightlife then you feed off of that vibrant energy. Either way you are enriching a part of you that could not be done by not going anywhere.

Here is another one for the reasons to travel, ‘it could be taken away just like that’. 2020 has taught us what it feels like when we are forced to stay at home because traveling is not an option for the time being. The landscape of travel will not be the same. Nevertheless time will come when we could travel again more frequently with lesser restrictions.


Why travel abroad


Traveling abroad is one of the best forms experience this world. There are 195 countries in the world. How many have you travelled to? Me, embarrassingly travelled to only 7 countries. I speak from my own experience I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. Traveling abroad took me out of my comfort zone and gave me an opportunity see the world from a different side of the looking glass. Reasons to travel abroad transcends comfort zone. It establishes a new connection to people, cultures, routines and traditions we never experienced before. It allows us a sense of independence. It’s an opportunity to explore. Traveling experience has a value no other experience could substitute.

To Conclude

These days traveling to space on the path of being normalized, just imagine the beautiful absurdity in that notion. Maybe all of us won’t make to the space then again we might. But we do owe ourselves to see this beautiful planet as much as possible. See life from another angle.