Cheers at Boston!!!


Goodbye Cheers

Covid-19 has take an excruciating toll on the world. This pandemic knows no boundaries. Since the the beginning slowly and painfully claimed thousands of lives. Loosing loved ones and watching them suffer from this virus has been hell on earth. Not only has this pandemic killed thousands and caused millions to suffer in agony it forced business to close their doors. Many lost their jobs, scrambling to keep a roof over their heads. The tragedy from Covid-19 hasn’t sparred most. It also made us realize how fragile and uncertain circumstances could be, never take anything for granted. Many know about Cheers the famous bar in Boston. I have had the opportunity to visit and see this famous

bar in person. I say this wholeheartedly it was a phenomenal experience. The energy, the history, the drinks and food, comradery really fantastic to say the least. Well sadly Cheers fell victim to the financial setback caused by Covid-19. Last month Cheers closed its door after decades. This famous bar even inspired a popular sitcom Cheers. I am sure many of you know and loved the sitcom. Sam and Woody, Norm and Phil and of course Diane, Rebecca, Carla. And yes Coach. The show has so many hysterical and colorful characters. The reason I am going on and on is the show centers around a bar. A local bar that welcomes every patron with a little Boston sass & love.

This was one of the coolest bar experiences I’ve ever had. Sadly I won’t be able to go back there. A bar where I met great friends, made memories I will forever treasure.

Don’t wait

Ladies and gentlemen don’t wait to try something you’ve been wanting to do for years. Everyday is an opportunity, make the most of it before it is taken away. I do recommend if you ever have the opportunity, see Boston. The city has amazing hidden gems and a robust energy. Fenway park, Boston Common, Harvard Art Museum, New England Aquarium and so much more. Not just Boston, any place and anything in life you wanted to try don’t wait for the right time find the right time.