London, a fascinating city.


London is one of the greatest cities to travel. Visiting London should be on our bucket list in my humble opinion, at least based on my experience I recommend it. The mesh of cultures and interactions with the London natives truly an intriguing experience. Look at the pictures, the city truly comes to life.

In December ot 2018 my friends and I travelled to London. It was our yearly fall trip. Every year my friends and I try to travel to a place we’ve never been before to ring in the new year. Enjoy the weather no matter how frigid it might be, enjoy the holiday decorations. An experience utterly an adventure. A trip that promises many stories. I feel having that goal to travel, seeing the world is fuel for the soul.

My visit to London lived up to the hype, my expectations. The weather was little uncomfortable, the combination of rain and freezing cold. That’s because my friends and I wanted to make to most of our trip while we were visiting this great city.

Well London weather aside the trips to the local pubs, London Eye, Piccadilly on New Year’s eve was spectacular. Dining at nice restaurant met our expectations. The food, the drinks and hospitality made the evening much more enjoyable. It’s truly a great experience combines decadence with a sense of adventure and authenticity.

red telephone booth

The most intriguing aspect of London is it is almost a tapestry of past, present and future. The tradition and culture remained customary yet elegantly bridging the future. In street corners you still find red telephone booths (they don’t work btw). Let’s not forget those old fashioned cabs that remind you of the olden days.

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This city is great gem for tourists, the nightlife and scenic tours worth a 10 hour long flight from United States. It is full of fascinating architecture and buildings that captivate your attention. Full disclosure visiting London could be overwhelming simply because there is so much to choose from, so this particular adventurous trip might need little bit of planning.

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Checkout the video below to see some of the amazing attractions in London.