Summer 2020!! A beautiful world out there.

Covid-19 has changed the expectations and perception of travelling across the globe. We are in quarantine, at least most of us. But Covid-19 won’t be here forever, and we will resume our day to day lives soon enough. And travelling soon will become leisure activity most of us look forward to during certain season, occasions and or just on a whim.


When we are back to the normalcy we knew not too long ago what destination would pick first? Just look at these beautiful sights, would put off traveling again? Traveling has an astonishing positive psychological impact on our lives, it is a tremendous source of finding mental and emotional recharge. It gives us something to look forward to and countdown the days.

Folks after we find some form normalcy taking time for granted would be monumentally unwise. If planned too far ahead so much could go wrong, now granted for financial, family and career obligations planning ahead is imperative. Planning is necessary but just waiting for the right time well sometimes the “right time” never shows up to your door step. So plan on making every moment count, even if it’s just getting in your car and driving to a nearby city. Get reconnected with the open road if the open sky is not an option. Pack the right gear for outdoors and find out how beautiful the world is, you won’t want those moments to end.

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