Covid-19 & social distancing

Covid-19 & social distancing

Covid-19 and importance of social distancing

Covid-19 is still looming over our heads, and we must take all the precautions. The most emphasized of 2020 is Covid-19 and social distancing. We are urged to wear masks, remain in somewhat isolations, maintaining distance from everyone as much as possible. Pandemic, social distancing and anxiety. These are issues we are constantly dealing with recent days. As human we are engineered to socialize. Whether introverted or extroverted, we are part of a social construct. The recent weeks all of us are being strongly urged to refrain socializing, we are fighting to defeat a pandemic that’s virtually unknown to science, medicine and experts from all walks of life. How do we endure a state of isolation? How do we avoid going places, traveling, face to face interaction we are accustomed to. Family gatherings, driving to work, attending graduations, summer trips?


2020 so far

It’s difficult to comprehend better part of 2020 we would have to remain in quarantine. It’s a harsh reality, but a necessary sacrifice. Social distancing is a critical measure to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Now that all the grim facts are out in the open we also know if we do what experts are urging us to do as a nation we will prevail. Please don’t take the advisement by the medical experts lightly. They are doing everything they possible can to save every life, to spare us the lingering suffering caused by Covid-19.

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Let’s all remember, together we are unstoppable, we know how to survive, we know how to overcome. It has been months since we have been dealing with STAY AT HOME order nationwide. Some of us have found a creative way to stay positive, some have struggled more than others. Though some states are slowly implementing approaches to reopen businesses, theatres and more establishments, are we ready? Financially we desperately need the country to go back to normal is it safe? Nevertheless fact remains per every expert social distancing remain a critical measure.


Please continue to follow all the updates and warning provided by CDC.

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