Landing in Amsterdam, day 1. Wow.

When we arrived it was so quiet yet so beautiful. The buildings, the lake, early risers jogging πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ loved how it felt. Our cab driver was nice enough to give us insights on local gems for early breakfast.

I definitely recommend you go, and if you are someone who appreciates art and history believe me it won’t disappoint. The city has a combination of calm and robust energy to recharge.

boat house

boat houses on the lake


From my personal experience, Amsterdam hands down one of the most culturally rich cities in Europe. People in Amsterdam are friendly and somewhat colorful to be honest. The food, the cheese, the whiskey, the dark beer and yes marijuana legal marijuana. Have I gotten your attention yet?

Yes around every block you would find a “coffee shop” where you would find great selection of coffee and expressos and yes and extensive selection of legal marijuana you could smoke to relax.

The infamous “Red Light District” is another fascinating tourist attraction. You need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. There’s a lot on display when you are walking up and down the “Red Light District” .

Red Light District

Definitely expect a crowded ambience. The selection of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops are amazing. You could certainly spend the whole day just around that block.

A taste of America

Folks when you would be able to travel again make Amsterdam a must see, the experience is truly amazing. The long flight and time difference truly seem worth it once you start touring the city. Folks never skip the opportunity to see the world when you get it, there’s so much to see so make traveling a priority when we are able to again.