Berlin Wall!!!! Piece of history.

See a piece of history

Wouldn’t you love to see a piece of history? Ann Frank’s home, piece of the Berlin wall, Gettysburg, Jackie Robinson’s home etc. etc. The point is seeing where a monumental history took place, or a resident where a historic figure spent their days would be beyond fascinating. Few years ago in Montreal I had the opportunity to witness just that. I got to see and touch the Berlin wall.

The Berlin fell on November 9th, 1989. This historic event brought the entire Germany together. It’s a reminder a nation could be divided and could very well be brought back together. The will of unity will be prevail. During my visit in Montreal I had the amazing opportunity to see some of the city’s greatest attractions and learn the back stories, had no idea how richly diverse Montreal is. In the picture you are seeing an actual piece of the Berlin Wall, after the wall came down Germany sent pieces of the wall to many countries, Canada was one of them. I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of a piece of history.

The city itself is truly welcoming to tourists and has multiple attractions to select from, different cultures and history to go with it.

The gentleman next to me is our Montreal tour guide, he was an amazing guide. Behind us in the picture is piece of the Berlin Wall