2020 a difficult year. A year of social and emotional anxiety.

2020 has been a difficult year for us for the most of us due to Covid-19. It is impossible to not stress, to remain calm and make rational decisions at times like this however it’s not impossible. Focus on the bigger picture focus on what comes after this pandemic has been entirely contained. We are all praying for the days where face masks, restricted socializing, stress of financial setback due to unemployment no longer part of our lives. I for one believe that day will come, it may not come as quickly as we hope but it will come. It’s inevitable. No doubt 2020 has tested us thus far, we will show what we are made of by end of this pandemic.

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A difficult year by any measure that’s 2020 in a nutshell. Pandemic, social and racial divide, a struggling economy. What makes it even more stressful we have no one to rely on to lead us through this exhausting Covid-19 catastrophe.

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The surge of Covid-19 cases across the nation

As states were slowly relaxing the “Stay at home” restrictions the reported cases went up in recent weeks. No doubt we are all mentally and emotionally exhausted from not being able to live our lives freely nonetheless extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. For the time being the best this we can do is maintain social distancing as consistently as we can. Keep up with the news and updates from CDC, FEMA, WHO, federal and state guidelines. The difficulty we are facing in 2020 has certainly taught us health and human safety cannot be understated.

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Continue to visit Moment 31 as we try to bring you information that might be useful during this pandemic. In this post you would find some useful links to plan for next few months ahead and how to remain safe. The latest projection shows Texas is among the states where Covid-19 cases are rising again. Ensure you have the necessities, masks, cleaning products etc. Reduce physical contact as much as possible.


How to apply for unemployment benefits.

Moment 31 is here to share your message whether you need help or provide help. We are all in it together, unifying is the way to overcome a global crisis. Often outside of the box thinking could be the answer we need. We may come from different walks of life but crisis we are facing has just one source. We must respond in kind and take on this virus as ONE set aside our differences in political ideologies, religious differences, color, sex, age, race. To Covid-19 we are all the same, let’s overcome these challenging time as human nothing more nothing less. Small business owners if you are currently in a position to hire share your information with Moment 31 for free.

Our neighbor state Louisiana has been tremendously affected by Covid-19. Just like Texas many in Louisiana has been affected by this pandemic. Louisiana not only was hit hard by this pandemic it has also endured devastation by 2020 hurricane season. So many lost their lives, homes, everything they owned. This year has tried us all.

Though at least 2 pharmaceutical companies are making great progress with Covid-19 vaccine let’s keep in mind even with best case scenario it would take time. A vaccine would not be overnight fix, so let’s stay on top of social distancing.

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