Italian Cuisine!!!! Why is it so fascinating?

Italian cuisine more than just food

Well when it comes to Italian cuisine what food comes to mind, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti. I am not talking about the dish you would order at a local Olive Garden (lol) but if you were in Italy right now? Since the beginning of Covid-19 Italy has been one of the countries that struggled with the pandemic the most. People in Italy much like most worldwide had to endure this pandemic for months and still is. But I feel in coming months Italy will once again become one of the most beautiful places on this big blue marble of we call earth.

Pizza is considered one of the most humble dishes in Italy (from reading endless articles), no food in the world is a greater symbol of Italian cuisine than pizza. But if you dig deep into learning about Italian cuisine, the sheer creativity and verities would simply astound you. In Italy pizza is categorized in two different styles Neapolitan and Roman pizza. No how majestic is that?! As a laymen like most I am merely learning more in depth about pizza and wine. Funny thing is I had no idea there’s so much to learn about the authenticity of Italian pizza alone.



Food is fuel but a meal is an experience. One aspect that makes Italian food a great experience is the rich flavor and quality.


The following link lists 5 food that are renowned favorites especially during the holiday seasons. Here’s a fun fact there are over 600 verities of pasta. 600 !! Astonishing, isn’t it? The exotic Italian dessert Tiramisu first became an option of choice in 1970. Well point of the aforementioned facts are that the most culturally rich country in the world also has the most intriguingly delicious cuisine. Which subsequently sparks our interests in why Italy and everything comes from Italy is so compelling.

Have you tried number 1

a slice of pizza

Another delicious food comes to mind when discussing Italian Cuisine is Gelato. Gelato is a signature dessert in Italy. Gelato is frozen dessert which is almost ice cream. The flavor the texture and taste well words do not do them justice. You simply must try.

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