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Singapore yay or nay? Find out about this intriguing city.

Few facts about Singapore, capital of Singapore is Singapore. It’s a relatively small country in the continent of Asia with population 5.61 million according to Wikipedia.

Singapore is rich in religious and cultural diversities. English is one of the official languages in Singapore. It offers so many incentives to tourists, one of which is great eateries and bars. Singapore is one of the cleanliest cities in the world. I visited Singapore as a child with my family to years ago and I still remember how clean the city really is, it’s not an exaggeration.

Singapore also offers night safaris, however if you would like to try this interesting activity do your research before planning your trip. So again, Singapore yay or nay?

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The beauty of exotic Asia couldn’t be overstated. The mystic, allure and the tradition of Asia truly astounding. Which city in Asia, which part of Asia intrigues you the most?

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