Help during Covid-19. Step up if you can.

Help during Covid-19 or if you need help tell us how we can help.

Everyone if you are in a position to help or needing help during this pandemic, please share your information. Let’s help during Covid-19 by sharing and giving whatever we can. Moment 31 will share your message in an effort to obtain assistance for you and others who is needing assistance. We are all in need of help one way or another.

For instance if you are a local business owner hiring on a temporary or permanent basis, or healthcare giver who could assist someone in needs.

Restaurant owners if you like to notify local patrons of any upcoming popup events, safely done in open space share your message with Moment 31.

Holiday success made on Fiverr

Retail giant Amazon made a fortune during this pandemic. Granted Amazon gives us secured and convenient ways to shop while remain in isolation however small business shut their doors. I urge all of us again to be their for our local businesses. Don’t think of them as businesses think of them as faces, people, and family members who are relying on those businesses. Buy local, shop local, eat and drink local as much as possible. Many are needing help during this pandemic.

This is merely a conduit, M31 will share your message with others so someone who is in a position to help will reach out to you directly. If you are a nurse needing supplies share your concern, if you are an elderly needing food, water share your message. Share on someone else’s behalf. At the end humanity will prevail this pandemic is merely a test.

In addition here are some links where we can make donations, assist any way possible.

Click here to donate blood to Redcross

Wherever and however you could help, no matter how big or small please make the effort. At the end humanity is measured by kindness and resiliency.


(Folks, if you are a healthcare provider, if you are a patient who can’t reach or drive to stores and need help used M31 to share your message.

Simply provide a small description and an email so someone on my blog or other social media outlet see your message. )