Healthy way to travel!!! Keeping up with a routine!!

Healthy way to travel!!! Keeping up with a routine!!

Is there a healthy way to travel? Answer -yes

Healthy way to travel, is it difficult? No, it’s not. If you Google or Youtube any fitness model or body builder you would learn these professionals are very strategic with their travel diet and routine. Sticking to your routine of exercise and meals. How many of us say, I’m on vacation so no diet? We eat whatever we want, drink, sleep, go out and enjoy, have a great time. Then we come back to our everyday life, struggle to transition back into our daily routine. Well there are few things we could do to stay rather active, make healthy choices while enjoying a well earned vacation. Let’s find a healthy way to travel. Healthy life style doesn’t stop when we are at home, it applies when we are on the road for business or pleasure.

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Stick to a lowkey workout routine, have the right gear

  • Drink plenty of water, especially first thing in the morning start with a glass of water. Whether you are travelling or not drinking plenty of water & staying hydrated is always healthy option.
  • Take the stairs (unless you have heart, knee or any other medical conditions.)
  • If you are drinking try to drink water in between your drinks, do a little research on low calorie alcoholic drinks.
  • Most hotels have gyms, schedule a quick workout, in my experience do it in the morning you feel more energetic throughout the day.
Healthy food

Balance your meals. You will eat junk food, comfort food high calorie food. Do it in a way to minimize too much calorie intake, by adding vegetables, salad, fruits, water. Coffee preferably black, less fried food.

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Benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated.

Also you could take a workout band to add body resistance workout in your room. All you need is an open surface and that would be enough to complete a short & quick workout. Healthy way to travel is also a mindset. It requires some planning and a little bit discipline, but at the end it is far beyond worth the effort.

Salad & healthy living

Under no circumstances skip your daily regiment of vitamins, any health supplements you take. Remember when you are on the go vitamins and minerals are imperative. Matter of fact if you stick to your workout routine even at a lesser degree you will feel physically and mentally more robust, hence making your vacation days even more enjoyable.

Must try continuing with a travel exercise regiment.


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Folks we all know the importance of healthy living, just take the recent events under consideration. It’s a contiguous disease that’s potentially dangerous to anyone, doesn’t matter how healthy your are. People who maintain a healthy lifestyle suffered tremendously per various media reporting however if someone who is not maintaining a healthy lifestyle may endure even more excruciating sufferings. Healthy body healthy mind, it’s a fact not just a sentiment. So healthy way to travel has a greater benefit during and after a trip.

sound body sound mind while travel

It’s always a great idea to do research, talking to fitness and healthcare professionals. Healthy lifestyle is a process that takes time and dedication, we need to learn our body our mind.

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Useful tip to stay healthy while traveling

Add these to your travel bag. You could get a great workout in your hotel room, office, park anywhere. Resistance band workout is simply a brilliant way of adding variation to any exercise routine.

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