Don’t forget your local businesses! How can you help local businesses?

Don’t forget your local businesses! How can you help local businesses?

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A bad start of a new year

Everyone this impossible situation we are all dealing with will end soon. Local businesses struggling with Covid-19 shutdown nationwide in fact worldwide. We will find our way back to life as we knew it. We hurt we cry but we don’t stop. It’s in our nature to get back up. During the pandemic everyone is suffering but everyone is also trying to lend a helping hand. Our government, states are doing their best let’s not forget it’s also up to us.

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No one is safe from this pandemic, absolutely no one. Rich, poor, black, white, men, women, young, old no one is immune to this disease. What’s fantastic about humanity is we do come together when worlds demand it. As millions struggling to figure out what lies ahead during the uncertain times and slow economy, small business owners are trying to figure out if they should remain closed or partially open. Big organizations, online retailers are making billions due to global quarantine small business are contemplating how to survive, pay their employees or are they going to be able to keep their staff on payroll.


How we can help each other


Now can we offer a solution to put small businesses back on track over night, NO. But we can do a small part to help they stay afloat. Small business loans, PPP have had a shaky start and hasn’t exactly provide a substantial impact. As consumers maybe we can help to breach the gap. Instead of shopping from grocery chains maybe we can shop at local neighborhood stores given they are taking safety precautions. Don’t sacrifice your health or safety, but make an extra effort to let the business owners know we are all in it together. This is unequivocally one of the toughest times for small businesses. More importantly think about the people behind the businesses, their sufferings. These individuals invested so much of themselves, money, time to establish but with the worldwide pandemic they are struggling to get back on track. Local businesses, entrepreneurs, everyone lost more than their fair share. Unlike giant retailers their options to start back up or to continue on is very minimal, that is why they need our help. Us the neighbors, the locals, the community.

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As consumers share your thoughts on what you would expect from your local businesses during this quarantine phase. M31 is asking everyone to share their input, maybe more we know what’s happening in our communities faster we can overcome this ongoing challenging period of our lives. The difficulty small businesses are enduring require action, business owners must explore all their options. Affiliate marketing, changing up work hours to save overhead cost, talking to professionals about financial options etc. But actions must be taken. As for the consumers, folks let’s look within to do your part to help the small businesses who have been there to serve you. Many of these business owners are our friends, family. They exist to offer a service for us, during this trying time let’s do a little bit for them.

Parting thoughts

Business owners 2020 has taught us many lessons, some good some bad. We say the human decency on display and for the most part it has prevailed. Importance of safety and social distancing have become even more monumental. This might be pivotal time to your business to become more robust and accessible to your clientele. Offer more options online, delivery, outdoors. In an essence give the consumer a sense of security and a hook.

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