Timeshare, a bad idea? How was your experience?

How was your experience with timeshare?

How much do you know about timeshare, is it a good or a bad idea? Have you used timeshare? I have worked in finance for a long time, in my most recent job as a business operations underwriter often I reviewed client files where they were enrolling their “timeshare” for possible debt settlements. It was simply a bad investment for multiple reasons in my opinion. Again it’s an opinion may not be a fact for many. Timeshare certainly seems to have lot of disadvantages at the very least questions.

Here’s my issue with “timeshare” if you can afford it it’s great but if not the contract you sign ends up being detrimental to credit history and financial planning.

Now if you are a typical consumer “timeshare” in my opinion is not the best option. You are essentially signing a contract/lease a property for a specific amount of time, if you failed to make payments or use the property during your designated time you are S O L. If you were to Google you would find numerous law firms are dedicated to recover “timeshare” investments. Now I am no way an expert but I wonder why all these law firms will designate their resources to help many recover their “timeshare’ investments? Per my research most “timeshares” are essentially a lease, biggest setback you only get a limited use out of it.

Let’s compare

As I mentioned this is based on my research, I personally wouldn’t consider “timeshare” over a good ole fashion trip where I get to stay at a luxury or a prominent location. Unlike “timeshare” it comes with room service, various amenities and no long term contract.


I also feel with “timeshare” you are locked in for one destination, should you decide to try a different destination you are loosing on your “timeshare” investment. So that’s huge setback

Look I am not telling you “timeshare” should never be an option it’s just not the right fit for spontaneous traveling, sense of adventure or wanting varieties. At the end you decide if it fits your perception of traveling and leisure. Again the idea isn’t to make time share an enemy however the business model they use to retain clients is not something most could benefit from. So the industry could make modifications where time share could be something more and more consumers prefer. Timeshare scams could be a disastrous financial setback. In fact timeshare could be so incredibly costly there are law firms specializing on timeshare scams and liabilities which come with it.

Listen to this interview before considering a Timeshare.