home office layout

Ideal home office layout.Working from home during Covid-19.


An ideal home office is critical for working remotely in a proficient manner. A proper home office setup is becoming more or less essential as the Covid-19 is passing through. Many of us might not have worked remotely before however in 2020 we are very much familiar with the concept.

Due to Covid-19 social distancing is part of what we perceive as normal, we are having to make changes to comply with nationwide social distancing mandate. Life, work, school, travel, social and religious gatherings and more are impacted by this parameter of normalcy. Though we are eagerly waiting for the day when things go back to the old normal for the time being we are making adjustments to adapt to the current situations. 

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Working from home office

One particular area which has revolved around Covid-19 pandemic is our professional life. Most of us are acclimating to work remotely, avoiding personal interaction as much as possible. Some of the biggest industries in Unites States such as Google, Twitter are settling into working remotely to maintain safety and protect lives. The pandemic has taken a monumental tool on global workforce, businesses are closing their doors. Unemployment is continuing to rise. Conventional methods of working, driving to work being minimized to contain the spread of the disease. Nevertheless through these uncertain circumstances we remain vigilante. We know this pandemic will soon be an after thought, until then we do everything possible to stay ahead of the situation.

home office layout

The right equipment for success


Working remotely demands a proper workspace to ensure productivity so consider all the necessary components. Components great home office layout is a key element to ideal home office layout. An ideal home office also requires proper tools, discipline and focus. Setting up a home office would entails the proper equipment. First and foremost a reliable laptop is a must. Some may need multiple monitors depending on the type of work or business. There are really great screens/monitors that plug directly into your laptop.

Tips for a great home office layout

A great home office layout entails ergonomically built furniture and the proper equipment. Home office layout has monumental impact on productivity and efficiency. Eliminate distractions, simply because we are working remotely doesn’t mean certain standards should not be ignored. Plan it and if the first plan doesn’t reflect on your productivity then may need additional adjustments. Not to mention periodic home office layout changes may even take out the monotony from daily workday. Add some personal touch, don’t just mimic another workspace you might have seen on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else.

Create a home office layout that works for you, building an ideal home offices allows that freedom. If you work better window side then pick a spot in your home window side, study shows having natural light is helpful both for body and mind. If you work better with least amount of distractions then use a space where you are not within shouting distance of any noise. Of course it is all contingent on you home layout and available space. Location location location is instrumental.

It is worth repeating an ergonomic desk and chair along with storage spaces are instrumental to a proper home office setup. Ergonomically built furniture and proper workspace good for health. Sitting at a poorly constructed workspace contributes to bad posture, migraine, eyesight, blood flow and more.

If you rely on WIFI then ensure you eliminate the unnecessary usage of bandwidth. Ideal bandwidth speed should be 200 Mbps to 940 Mbps. Use multiple monitors if you can afford it, using just one monitor could decrease productivity and output. Like it or not I personally I found lack of sufficient technology could hinder my abilities. Interruptions and inconsistencies in internet connectivity and equipment being sluggish could take time out of a workday which I did not get back.


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Get the data flowing

Thankfully due to the advancement of technology necessity for fax and landline is becoming obsolete. Email and smartphone are more than sufficient to maintain an effective channel of communication. Do keep in mind the importance of keeping your data protected. During this pandemic cyber criminals stepped up their effort to hack into individual and business accounts. To an extent the overwhelming usage of online traffic gives them a new opening in a matter of speaking. Of course depending on the type of profession you might need other equipment such as printer, scanner and more. Bottom line, constructing an efficient workspace at home could be a great opportunity to be inventive and learning.

Next a reliable internet connection. My recommendation pay a little extra for the fastest speed available, most internet providers might negotiate a fairly decent offer. In addition you could add a WIFI extender to secure minimal disruption with connectivity.

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A well equipped home office requires the right home office desk, chair. Ergonomics is critical to productivity. Being too comfortable laying on a bed may not be the right choice. Sitting uncomfortably or standing an area also wouldn’t be the right way to be productive. A proper home office setup needs to project the right structure to be productive. No a home office doesn’t have to mimic an actual office but it has to have the characteristics of a productive work space. Office Furniture.com has great selections of home office desks and other furniture needed have the right setup at home.