Financial struggle in 2020. How to financially stay afloat during Covid-19?


The financial struggle in 2020 cannot be overstated. So many layoffs, businesses closing their doors, bankruptcies, unstable economy have contributed to this perfect storm. Almost everyone has the same fear, how would they survive financially? The unemployment rate is record high and unemployment claims are in millions. Well those are the highlights of what most of us are dealing with in 2020. What has been happening is not news however what do we to stay afloat during the financial struggle in 2020 is difficult to answer.

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What is next?

It’s not just wishful thinking that things will turn around, it’s an inevitable fact. The history of human race has clearly shown over and over human race never lets catastrophe choose its fate. The resiliency of human nature always prevails, from crisis comes necessities which calls for solutions. We always find solutions when survival becomes our only choice. Look back on last 4 months, think about how the world has changed in such a short time. We work from home, we utilize telehealth, virtual classrooms replacing conventional academic teaching, we order in food, pick up groceries curve side the list goes on and on. Now same innovative dynamic approach could result in solutions for finding financial breaks, employment opportunities.

Financial struggle in 2020 is impacting everyone all across the globe. Now, knowing what the problem is and the cause what do we do? First let’s focus on finding employment, we must get comfortable with the idea finding new jobs could entail learning new skills and starting from the beginning. You might have been a well established performer at your previous job however the change in coarse might force you to take on a different role. Focus on thriving at your new position, most companies won’t necessarily care what you’ve achieved before they only want to see what you can do now. Even if you are learning making progress slowly the effort would be the primary focus. Though certain skills, work ethic could be transferable the overall outcome relies on the direct performance. Though it might be a struggle adjusting to an entry level profession or a lower pay job key factor to keep in mind is it’s a journey to a greater destination.

Freelancing work could certainly be an option for getting through the financial struggle of 2020. What are you good at? What could you do with a minimum overhead and mostly by yourself without needing other’s assistance? Many companies are downsizing however they do need to fill the gap temporarily to continue on. If you are in IT, sales, graphic design, mover, handyman whatever it might freelancing always an option if you want to supplement your income.

Of course some might be facing issues where they need money today as opposed to weeks or months, applying for a loan seems unlikely because of bad credit or lack of income. There are financial companies who would offer loans to individuals who might have bad credit. Click on the banner below to learn more.

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This may not be a long term solution however a short terms fix for getting through the financial difficulties. Of course once back on track, earning steady paychecks applying for a more conventional loan to payoff any outstanding debt is critical.


Financial struggle in 2020 is a great example of what could go wrong unexpectedly, and what it takes to overcome. There is no playbook, there is no universal answer. I know most of us heard this and tired of it by now, we are all in this together. But the fact is we are, we may not appreciate or understand it but we are enduring this struggle together. The worst isn’t over but it will be, but by no measure we are hopeless or helpless. We are the solutions to our problems in most cases. After 2020 we will be stronger knowing what we are made of, that day will come.

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