Self improvement, always look within. Learn to be more.

Self improvement, always look within. Learn to be more.


What is self improvement? Is it just physical, emotional and spiritual? Some might say it all starts with physical and mental growth, subsequently emotional growth. Self improvement certainly is subject to interpretation. But in the most basic term it’s creating a better version of ourselves. First and foremost we must understand each day is an opportunity for improvement. I am sure we have heard it many times, it might even sound like a cheesy phrase from a movie. It’s not. It’s a very powerful fact, everyday we get a chance to move step closer to a goal. Reading is a powerful tool for mind. Reading gives us abundant resources to build upon knowledge, skills and methodologies. eBooks has great selections of self improvement books.

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Self help reads could be extremely powerful. Self help books are written to provide implicit guidelines to be better, to find ways to solve ongoing issues. Self helps books and reads provide a map to overcome internal and external obstacles in life.

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Self improvement is a perpetual marathon

Yoga is an ultimate physical and mental exercise. Yoga is more than physical exertion, it’s about mental improvement as well. Yoga doesn’t require equipment unlike conventional exercise methods. It is about pushing your body and mind to a higher state.

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Does the quest for self improvement need to be everlasting? Yes it does. Once we accept and understand the immensity of self improvement it sets an undeniable coarse of action. The most driven and successful individuals never shy away from hard work and discipline, no matter how exhausting it might be. And once they reach their goals they look for other ways to excel. Some of the greats in history continued to work harder to be remained great, success no matter how massive may not be permanent. Once success is achieved the level of expectations go up which is what fuels the truly self-driven minds. That’s why the greatest athletes compete year in and year out to stay at the top of their game, they find ways to reinvent ways to victory. The greatest actors take on more and more challenging roles so audience can appreciate their talent and skills again and again, stay captivated. The richest men focus on making universal impacts instead of just making more money or selling more of their products. The greats pave the way to show the world they create their own future.

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Define your goals

We are all born with different skills, wants and needs. Some might love studying history some might be fascinated with solving complex mathematical equations. Some love to work with their hands other might love creating arts that will be admired for centuries to come. Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t known for his cooking, Albert Einstein wasn’t known for his poems. However they will always be immortal through their creations and contributions. I speak from experience not from expertise, full disclosure. If I could go back in time I would ask myself to be more teachable, be more humble and never ever look for shortcuts. Now in my late 30s I have learned a very crucial lesson, fear of failure and arrogance truly are sure ways to diminish any potential of success. Having an education doesn’t translate into knowledge. Knowledge comes with experience, self discipline and unrelenting work ethics. HARD WORK AND DISCIPLINE cannot be over estimated.


The great Warren Buffet reads 500 pages a day to remain sharp. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. I am sure you see what I am getting at, the greatest minds in any generation contributed their success to knowledge. I would be honest after grad school even during grad school I agonized reading anything, it felt like a chore. So I am getting into the habit of reading myself again because it’s after the pathway to knowledge. I also rely on audio books. Now I read with a purpose, not because I have to. Because of that I absorb and retain what I am reading.

Develop a plan and execute

A plan is useless without execution. We could strategize all we want if there’s no execution, well that just becomes a glorified plan. We often subconsciously choose to remain average, we give into our fears of failure. Again I speak from experience not as an expert. I stayed at the same job for years because I felt a sense of security. Ultimately let years go by before trying to find the next endeavor. My effort went as far as sending in resumes and then occasional interviews which ended in rejections. I never truly pursued my goals. I had a job not a career. Well then the unexpected happened. Abruptly I transferred from one department to another because my work quality was in decline. So it was either transfer or being let go. In my new position it took a bit to adjust but I realized the potential. I started to enjoy what I was doing. I started to appreciate the magnitude of change, taking on a new challenges and executing effectively. See my biggest realization was I was holding myself back.

I was stagnating because of lack of discipline and focus. Self improvement happens from within not by others.

How to start your day right!!! Take small steps to big results.
  • Start every morning with a cold glass of water – It hydrates your body among other benefits plus curves hunger.
  • Take few minutes to meditate, start out by 5 minutes then increase as you master it. If you can start your day by controlling your thoughts over thoughts controlling you, well you will astound yourself.
  • Breakfast may not be the most important meal after all. If you are able to workout in the morning in an empty stomach. The benefits of intermittent fasting has tremendous impact on body and mind.
  • Set small goals for everyday and reach that goal. One small achievement everyday could lead to a life long achievement over the years.

    Look life doesn’t come with a playbook but it does come with instincts. Apply your focus your energy ton your goals and don’t ever let fear overcome your potential. Conquer your mind and see how you can take on the world.

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