Getting in shape after 40. It’s not as difficult.

Getting in shape after 40. It’s not as difficult.


40 is a milestone in life

Though we like it or not certain age is considered a milestone. Consensus is 20s to enjoy and party, 30s to build a career and start a life and 40s gateway to midlife. Yes these are insanely arbitrary nevertheless we buy into the narrative. Now scientifically older we get there are changes and progression that are unavoidable. But that’s not a red flag. Turing 40 is a milestone some sees as an indication to slow down, dare I say decline. But that’s not the case not even by a longshot. It might be a cliché nevertheless age is a state of mind. If we couldn’t get into a better shape after turning 40 then world would have a different reality. Our age is not a deterrent, age is experience. Age is a badge of growth and a journey to the future. This post will highlight few poinyers on betterment of physcal fitness and mental drive..

The age narrative is changing

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Our mindset on growing older is much more different than it was decades ago. Everyone has more access to information now thanks to internet. We are more nutrition savvy and more invested into learning eating well. 40 a milestone, at the very least that’s the narrative. Let’s face it by the time we are turning 40 many are married with children, at a latter stage in professional life. In an essence we are more consumed by greater obligations in life which ironically is part of life’s growth. There are endless books, articles, so-called experts are emphasizing more and more on the significance of turning 40. Well let’s grab the bull by its horns and turn it around on the narrative. Make 40 a benchmark where life physically and emotionally exceeds societal expectations. Now that doesn’t mean it’s ok to wait until we are 40 to expect more out of life, rather use what we have accomplished before turning 40 as foundation to thrive.

The betterment of life is directly correlated to our physical and mental state. When we are in our 20s we feel invincible at 40 we are smart enough to know we are not invincible. Well let’s bridge the gap. What we might lack in physicality and energy could be pinpointed. Our knowledge and what we have learned could be utilized to minimize physical deficiencies more ways than we know. By eating cleaner and better we could sustain a physical standard that surpasses expectations. Instead of concentrating too much on getting older focusing one aging better could make a tremendous difference.

Research learn rinse and repeat

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I know much more about eating better, nutrition, exercising and the monumental importance emotional well-being now than I did 15 years ago. In my 20s I was certainly active however I ate rather poorly, took supplements not knowing if they actually made a difference. I took to emotional health for granted. I thought I could continue on at that pace forever. Well needless to say I was painfully wrong. On the other hand friends who grew up with me stayed ahead of that curve because they actually invested in learning and research. The state of emotional and mental health is a liability and an asset simultaneously. Overlooking mental wellness could end up being devastating. Emotional turbulence sometimes leads to physical illness. Depression and anxiety could contribute to eating disorder or overeating. Furthermore alcohol abuse, drug addiction well you get the picture. On the other hand if mental state is at its peak the physical state compliments a prolific emotional energy.

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Change the narrative

Turning 40 doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Yes 40 is a milestone but it could be a new chapter as well. Athletes are prime examples how age is subjective. My favorite quarterback Tom Brady 6 time super bowl winner has defied the odds more times than any other athlete. He was called too old in his mid 30s. Now at 43 he is still playing at an elite level and became one of the greatest to play in NFL. Tom Brady contributes his success to his extremely regimented life style. He focuses on the right nutrition, sound mind and body combination at an elite level. We are often fascinated by celebrity youthful looks, optimal physique. Mindset is the key. Start by eliminating negative distractions. Eliminate bad diet, sedentary life style. Stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake. Drink plenty of water everyday. Which is not only good for digestion it’s also great for maintaining a youthful tighter skin. Meditate to clear your mind regularly.

We’ve all heard, write your own chapters in life. If you are truly determined to be in a better version of you it can be done at any age. Never underestimate the power of your determination.

What to eat more, here are some random facts

  1. Coffee with cinnamon. According to a study in Diabetes Care a dash of spoon helps regulate blood sugar, LDL.
  2. Tomatoes has Lycopene which helps minimize artery blockage.
  3. Water melon has potassium and lycopene which help regulate blood pressure.
  4. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory.
  5. Avocados great source for good fat
  6. Chia Seeds great source for Omega 3
  7. Green tea which has tons of benefits including body fat reduction, fighting allergies and keeps blood pressure in check.

Do your own research

More you know more you do greater the results would be, not every plan works for everyone. Always before starting any healthcare regiment or taking any supplements talk to an expert. Just consuming supplements or trying new regiment without the right information could be very harmful. On that note try to customize a plan for yourself that aligns with your overall physical and mental goals.



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