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Stimulus talk, political cruelties.


The congress, the White House and the senate still playing games with the Covid-19 stimulus bill. Stimulus talk on then off? Really? Is that what human life is worth? How much more should be enough for them to see the actual struggle of people? Moment 31 is no way repeat no way have any political affiliation and frankly any preferences. It’s the people who matter, I remember President Bush telling the world telling the nation not to hold a religion responsible for the cowardly acts of terrorists. I also remember President Obama and Late Senator John McCain disagreeing in politics and ideologies yet having great amount of respect for each other. My god, that’s the America we used to brag about where people could disagree yet be respectful. Show care and decency. This year we became a nation that is so focused on hate and separation rather than unity and overcoming crisis. Rich is getting richer and the rest is slowly loosing the fight. Year 2020 has been a catastrophic year for the world not just United States Of America. Yes UNITED States of America. In the past during a global crisis America led the way to take on any challenges, enemies known or unknown. This year we can’t even agree on the fact that if the political leaders don’t pull their heads out of their asses and actually do what they promised to do millions will continue to suffer. How is the political differences holding up passing a stimulus bill that would keep people from loosing their homes? How the ego of congress and The White House becomes a barrier an obstacle in finding a solutions for millions? How is this not disgraceful?

People need help

Please pass the stimulus bill enough with the stimulus talk. A hungry child should not fall victim to political theatrics, sick elderlies should not die in agony because the so-called leaders are too egomaniacal to understand the sufferings nationwide, worldwide.

This is not the America we know, we are not acting like the nation we are meant to be. In 2020 racial and political indifferences are the highlights we see all across media and social media. And of course media panders to their base and only offers more negative outcry. This fucking year has been terrifying for grownups, can you imagine how impossible it is for kids who can’t even get more than one meal a day because their parents were furloughed or let go from their jobs in this shit show economy.

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While millions hoping and praying for a stimulus check both parties in government engaged in blame shifting. The leaders, the people in charge are busy while millions are starving.

Congress, Mr. President please pass the stimulus bill. Please do it for those who need it. It’s you who should lead us out of a crisis. Find that basic decency within you for millions who don’t know what tomorrow will bring. And to the rest, if you are reading this please find something positive to share. CNN, FOX, Facebook, Twitter, local news have already established themselves as the master conduit of bad and awful news. Whether we like it or not we do buy into their narrative their messaging. We react to their comments but we don’t act. Just something positive, a smile a hello a simple compliment could be a start. If you can give please give, if you can feed please feed if you can mentor then mentor. Make a difference anyway you can, you might end up starting something great. We don’t need a reason to be better even though we have millions.


Pass the stimulus bill

Again this is not about politics, it’s about life and survival. Together one step at a time we could make a change for better for unity. I truly hope the political leaders act like adults and do the right thing. People who are in need of this stimulus bill are mostly good hard working people. They voted for you, they trusted you to look out for them. Don’t let them down.

Lessons from our leaders

Our leaders & the politicians have shown us how devastating the power play and political ambitions could be to rest of the country, It is baffling how out of touch they are from the reality of surviving a pandemic year. The individuals in power certainly owe us an explanations but for now the country will settle for a stimulus bill that could put the economy somewhat back on track.

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