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Fall 2020, a dim sense of festivities & celebration.

Fall 2020 just like rest of the year has a different feeling a different meaning. Usually fall means cooler weather, holiday festivities, crisps air leading into winter. Starting with Halloween then thanksgiving to Christmas. And then we say our goodbyes to the present year and welcome the new year. But this year every celebration has a caveat falling short physically, emotionally, financially and even in spirit. From February until now we hoped for a break, we were disappointed. Though all hopes aren’t gone it’s simply difficult to feel the next chapter the next year would be a better year. Even if this fall season is unlike any other, we know this season one way or another we will find the mindset to be Joyous, thankful and kind.


Look at how winter looks in Montreal, Canada.

Add this to your bucket list when we do get back to normalcy

Fall season festivities


What do you look forward to the most every fall? So much to choose from, isn’t it? Let’s start by remembering Halloween. It’s a holiday both children and adults look forward to, the costumes, “trick or treating”, candy, parties, decorations. It’s a day everyone gets to have fun in the festivities. Well that certainly may not be the option in 2020. This year will remain one of the most devastating years in the history not just in United States but globally. 2020 has fiercely impacted and hurt million. This year has claimed lives, destroyed businesses and created economic instabilities. No one saw this coming at least not the millions who are suffering from this pandemic. The normalcy we once knew is a distant memory at least for now. The protocol for social distancing, safety measures needed to minimize the spread of Covid-19 any activity any holiday season tradition would have to be scaled way down. It is a huge sacrifice for many but it’s a necessary sacrifice. No matter what your plans might be consider the big picture and more importantly consider the value of your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Please please listen to the experts in this matter.

Thanksgiving this year


Another huge holiday is thanksgiving. A day everyone get together to give thanks. And let’s not forget food and football, parades, seeing friends and family. It’s one of the best American holidays that reflects nothing but gratitude and sharing. This year this holiday would be different. For the sake of safety many may not even travel or host a big thanksgiving diner. Not to mention so many are financially hurting from loss of job and income, thanksgiving festivities may not even be an option. Please keep that in mind. It is a holiday to give thanks and celebrate, millions out there suffering too much to put food on the table. Give and share if you are fortunate enough. Think about your neighbors, your friends maybe even strangers you may not even know. People need helping hands more than ever, do whatever you can. Maybe donate food, donate money and if noting else simply be empathetic. This pandemic will not last forever however millions who feel there is no hope.

Christmas and new year 2020


Well if you have read this far you know where this is going, the Christmas and new year celebration is not any more promising than rest of the holidays this fall. It’s not just the danger of this pandemic the financial struggle stemmed from Covid-19 is far too remarkable. People may not be able to shop, travel or host any holiday event this year. So once again we have to hope for the best and be realistic about our surroundings. There is a silver lining, we can take measures ti make the most of this holiday season. First and foremost our safety and safety of others. In the beginning of 2020 we didn’t imagine this year would bring so much agony and distress. The pain could not be minimized nevertheless the resilience of humanity could not be overlooked.


The kindness and selflessness of many have proven hope is not lost. Experts predicted the holiday season could also be a source stress and depression for many especially due to the Covid-19 social distancing isolations. Holidays could be overwhelming for many, financially and emotionally. So it’s important to remain proactive. Being physically active, walks outside, meditation could be helpful.

We may not be as helpless

It’s difficult to remain focused and optimistic when surrounded by uncertainties. Then again history has shown during difficulties we find unity and prevail. We find strength within, count on out intuition to overcome obstacles. This fall would be an ultimate test but if we take smart measures we listen to science the expected damage for the remainder would be minimal. Fall season is about hope and joy, if we try our best to remain stay true to the sentiment we would surprise ourselves. Fall season of 2020 is unique in many ways nevertheless it is a season for many cheers and celebration, so under no circumstances we should loose sight of that completely.

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