Start 2021 right. 3 things to get a head start.


2021 is right around the corner. A new year and new beginning. Are you ready? New year, new us, resolutions, changes. That’s essentially how most of us translate new year and what our priorities might be for the duration. Though 2021 is a new year, the excitement of embarking on a new beginning is certainly overshadowed by the unprecedented struggle of 2020 and Covid-19. The hope of possibilities might be minimized due to the pandemic however it’s not by any stretch gone.

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What have we learned so far from 2020? Struggles might be inevitable but overcoming always leads to strength. 2020 has been a year which tested our strength and resilience in more ways than one. A pandemic, political and social tension, unemployment, millions lost their lives the list goes on. We also saw people coming together, first responders day in day out risking it all to help citizens. A historic election year unprecedented numbers of voters casted their vote in an effort to exercise their civil duties. Point being we’ve seen both the best and worst of humanity in a nutshell. As it stands decency is still winning. So we have hope and we always will.

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In this post find 3 things we could do three things could be done which would make 2021 a better year.

Write down your 2021 goals both long term and short term. When we write things down it’s almost as if we are making a to do list and commitement to ourselves. Hand written goals has a psychological impact according to research. It is known as “encoding” . According to an article posted by Forbes when we actually write down out goals we are commiting the content to our long term memories. Don’t just write it down, read it regularly over and over. It’s a reminder to us.

  • Health, both mental and physical
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    Healthy mind healthy body. No way around it. 2020 made that difficult to achieve. Social distancing combined with business closures changed our daily routine. Going to the gym regularly, eating well, clear mind all the fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle were initially impossible option in the beginning of Covid-19. The pandemic changed how we lived our lives and the fundamental necessities we absolutely became accustomed to day in day out. In hind sight most of us have never lived through a pandemic before. But in 2021 many of us would have. Covid-19 in 2020 have taught us the proverbial “sink or swim” method to surviving the year. So we are diving into a new year knowing how to deal with a life with pandemic. At the risk of cheap humor in the school Covid-19 we would be the sophomores. We know the cause of the struggle and we are a year into overcoming this pandemic.

    Mental toughness is as often even more critical than physical strength. No we don’t necessarily need to be like Batman in the Dark Night Rises however same principle. As the great Tony Robbins says we need to have something a goal a milestone that’s pulling us. The journey to that destination would be hellish but it’s crucial for growth. So in 2021 set the right mindset, set it now so you could have a running start.
  • Financial planning to minimize struggle

    Covid-19 has staggered a monumental financial stress upon all of us. The financial struggle is universally intensified in 2020. Rent, food, medication, clothes just the most basic necessities have been unaffordable for millions. The layoffs, business closures, unemployment kept mounting and creating a vortex of uncertainties. Economy is not stable. The promise of success is not insight for many. Though it would be a long battle it would not be permanent. Economy would eventually stabilize, hopefully sooner than later. Going into 2021 we could be more resilient and proactive. Be more aggressive in terms of savings for rainy days. Investing in stocks and bonds, high yield savings, cost efficient checking accounts. Replacing or possibly eliminating credit cards and unsecured debts with more sound options such us low interest consolidated secured or unsecured loans. Exploring passive income options such as affiliate marketing, freelancing, tutoring and more.

  • Add a little excitement

    Life is meant to be lived don’t just survive it. Plan on trying something new, something you’ve always wanted to try but did not. Yes traveling might be a limited option for the time being however there are many things we could do while complying with social distancing. Maybe learning a new language, or home projects painting, building a deck whatever extension or change we’ve always wanted for our home. Not to mention by doing it ourselves we get to learn something new, have it done exactly the way we want and save by not having to pay someone else.

    Maybe overcome an area you always wanted to imrove upon. Perhaps get better at public speaking and presentation. Or deduct a habit or a bad habit that might be holding you back from achieving more on a regular basis. For instance spending more time reading a book and less time watching Netflix. Of course these are merely suggestions, it could be different for you. Point is break from your old self and reinvent a new you.

2021 is a chance to reinvent and refocus our priorities in many ways. There is a significant advantage in knowing how Covid-19 could could impact and limit our options, number one chance to apply innovation & creativity. A new year a new perspective. A new perspective could very well lead to tremendous possibilities.

The Spring of 2021 might be not any different from the spring of 2020 devastated by Covid-19. Nevertheless Summer and Fall of 2021 would be the seasons of hope and normalcy we have been waiting for, all we have to do is continue to be resilient until the grim shadow of the Covid-19 has been lifted.

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