Trying to loose weight? Intermittent fasting could help. Get ready for this holiday season.


Loosing weight and being healthy is an ultimate goal for most, how intermittent fasting could be an useful tool for this quest. Obesity and being overweight is a dangerous issue for most in United States. Being overweight leads to heart related problems, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer well you get the picture. Over weight is a lethal health risk most suffering from. Dieting, exercising of course are two most common options to overcome being overweight. Recently there have been many focus on intermittent fasting. Though the concept of fasting has been around for centuries, recently it seems more and more discussions on the topic are presented by experts. Fasting 16/8 split, 24 hours or even longer some of the more popular approaches for weight loss.

What is intermittent fasting?

This particular fasting is in the most basic term only eating for a limited time of the day and not eating for rest of the day. Well full disclosure this is based on my research and also me recently trying intermittent fasting. So I started trying by the 16/8 split. The 16/8 split is one of the most reasonable increment among the beginners. In this split, I fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. Initially it was not as easy specially the first week. But week 2 it had gotten easier. Now again full disclosure I did loose some weight after 8 weeks however there was a flaw in my plan. I didn’t do extensive research. So when I broke my fast I ate unhealthy food more than I ate healthy food. The key to success when practicing intermittent fasting is eating healthy when breaking the fast. Loosing weight is the goal but eating healthy is absolutely critical. Then again if fasting is fairly new to you before starting 16/8 split try doing shorter fasting periods. Maybe fast 16/8 every other day or 2 days on and 1 day off. Also if it’s 16/8 split or extended fasting period do pay attention to hydration.

Let’s not forget loosing weight could take a mental toll. When we deprive ourselves food and drinks we love so much, which could be comfort it is only natural to feel miserable at first. So it’s critical we change our mindset. Focus on what we are gaining by loosing weight, a better feeling a better state of mind. Focus on what we are adding instead of what we are loosing, we are adding a healthier habit a more disciplined life choices. If we constrantly think I cannot eat this or that it would be counter productive. Treat yourself something for staying on course every now and then. Remember everything in moderation. Remember if you break course it’s not the end, it’s simply a pivot. So if you ended up eating something you shouldn’t have it is a detour. Next move is getting back on course, getting back on track. Don’t punish yourself for giving in, forgive yourself and make a better effort moving forward.

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Understanding intermittent fasting


This fasting isn’t a license to eat unhealthy rather it’s a tool to minimize caloric intake. Which subsequently leads to weight loss. Intermittent fasting also helps moderate insulin spike. The concept of fasting has existed for a long time, the 3 meals a day plus snacks is not as healthy as we once believed it to be. In fact each time we are eating our insulin spikes. Furthermore eating repeatedly not only adds more calories it also has an adverse impact on digestive system. So eating less is actually great for the waist line and the gut.

Read Intermittent Fasting for beginners, this book certainly has great insights. There many more books and articles on intermittent fasting that could be useful for beginners or even if you are somewhat knowledgeable on intermittent fasting.

Benefits of I F

Research has shown fasting has many health improving benefits. Aside from losing weight intermittent fasting helps improve metabolism. Less we eat less insulin spike happens which helps boost metabolism. Research has also shown intermittent fasting helps with lowering blood pressure. I can certainly speak to lowering blood pressure aspect, mine improved significantly.

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Another great advantage of intermittent fasting is the savings. When on intermittent fasting less food is consumed so less grocery shopping. Also less food prep work, less cooking etc. etc. One thing to remember consuming less food is the key however consuming quality food is also critical. It cannot be fasting for 16 hours and then eat pizza or cake. The idea is to consume good quality food, well that’s always the idea but it isn’t as easy all the time. Drinking plenty of water, black coffee, green tea could be useful during the fast.

Check out the video below to learn more about I F after turning 40.

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Intermittent fasting benefits are rather significant according to research. Click here to learn more about 16/8 intermittent fasting. There are several options 16/8, 24 hours on and off where you could fast for the entire day (every other day).

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Researchers have also found intermittent fasting helps with longevity, less stress on our digestive system. By fasting we are giving our body a break from the stress of processing consumed food. Weight loss has a stunning correlation with what and when we eat.

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Do your own research on intermittent fasting before starting

Yes no doubt intermittent fasting benefits are substantial nevertheless before starting any weight loss approach always do ample research. One article, one post is one perspective. It simply doesn’t provide enough information to get the most out of a new endeavor.

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Along with intermittent fasting a good exercise regiment must also be added in order to make the most of path to loosing weight and a better physique. If we eat less we consume less calories that’s a given however it’s critical to remember we must consume enough to supplement our body with the right nutrients and plenty of water. Taking the right vitamins and supplements always a great practice for maintaining a healthy body weight.

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