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Good habits lead to a better you. Here are few ideas.

Ponder on your practice along with a good habit list

Your habits, are they good or bad? Do you often make excuses about your bad habits? You can be honest, because we all do. Well at least most of us. We eat bad food and blame it on hectic lifestyle. We drink and smoke too much and often blame it on stress. If you were to create a good habit list, what would be on that inventory?


The idea of betterment starts with trading bad habits for good ones. A good habit list would lead to reaching our goals one way or another.

To have a better physique we need better eating habits, exercise and hydration. In order to have more financial security we need better money management and yes that’s a habit. To be a success in life we must focus on changes, changes that become habitual.

Yes it’s all about the inventory of habits, fewer bad and more good habits. Yes, it might be an over simplification but complicating it won’t get us to our destiny.

Why habits are so important?

This might be an unusual way of stating it but here goes; habits are substantial input in order to achieve an optimal outout. What we do or don’t do at a regular basis determines our level of achievements. So it’s incredibly crucial to focus on what we do consistently. If making big changes is difficult, start with one small change and master it.

Change one step at a time

We are all creatures of habits. Those habits could be both good and bad. One of my many bad habits, I am often forgetful. I lost my keys and wallet far too many times to count. Few times it ended in severe financial damages. So finally I decided to change that habit by always checking to make sure I have my wallet & keys on me before I leave home. If at a restaurant or bar I make sure my wallet is in my pocket not on the table or open surface. I had to make it a habit to remember. Well that’s not an astounding example but you get the idea. Changing my usual pattern.

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Small steps, one initial step and consistency would lead to results. Once it becomes a second nature by doing it over and over again there probaby wouldn’t be a need for reminder.

Same goes for eating, drinking, physical activities on more. The results always came when I changed my pattern of habits. And I am someone who feels extremely comfortable when change is not in the equation. But being uncomfortable with making changes is the ultimate answer.

Focusing on the goal and mindset, and building a ritual accordingly is a more obvious key approach. Taking out the negative components from habitual pattern could certainly be beneficial, because a routine often does loose its appeal and excitement after a certain point. Hence focusing on the goal is critical to keep on.

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How changes could be made

If you have the will to change all your bad habits to good ones, well then job’s done. But if you like most struggle with changes then don’t give up or worry, there are ways.

Changing habits and implementing good ones usually boils down to consistency. For instance getting healthy. If someone would like to be in a better shape however they feel there’s no time to exercise & meal prep, what to do? Well, start small. Out of 7 days he or she must have at least one or two day to go for a walk around the neighborhood. At work taking stairs instead of elevators. Packing lunch with more fruits, nuts and vegetables. And yes, drinking plenty of water. Now it’s just an example of a fundamental approach to a long term goal, nevertheless it is critical to the process.

Same idea goes for wanting more out of life or contributing more towards others. Years of bad habits often are just normal to us. So recognizing what needs to be changed and how gradually we could make those changes become the ways to betterment.

Taking an inventory of good habit list could hold us accountable, and if we write it down well even better. Experts often say if we write down our goals, patterns and progress we are more likely to follow through.


Here is a suggestive list to get you started, it’s rather generic but you could use it as a rough draft for your own list.

  • Meditate regularly, preferably first thing in the morning
  • Implement a workout routine
  • Contribute to help others.
  • Create a better pantry by getting more healthy food, fruits and vegetables
  • Find time to read or even listen to audio books, even something inspirational
  • Work on skills that make you a person of value. Value to family, friends, community.
  • Take control of your finances, cut back spending as much as possible and add to savings & investments.

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