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Working from home the new normal?!


Working from home or working remotely has become the new norm since 2020. Especially 2 years later with gas prices rising due to non-stop global crisis.

For many working remotely is a familiar notion, however in recent days working remotely is becoming the new norm. Working remotely, working from home, working in isolation has become part of the safety measure due to Covid-19.

Life after Covid-19 amid inflation

Since 2020 due to Covid-19 working remotely became the bast way for employers to keep their employee safe. After almost two years it has become increasingly clear working remotely might have saved countless lives in more ways than we can think of. And those of us who were able to work from the safety of our homes would be eternally grateful for the opportunity. If employers had not provided this option well the outcome for the the entire workforce would have been very risky. Many of us are certainly grateful for the opportunity.

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Recently Twitter, Google and few other business entities expressed working from home may very well be the option for the remainder of 2020 and parts of 2021. This growing trend towards working remotely from home is becoming a safer option for millions across the country. We are months into the Covid-19 crisis, so many are eager to get back to work and many cases find employment. Unemployment is at its highest in decades, consumer confidence across the board has diminished.

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For the sake of safety and and health concerns working from home has become the new norm. Companies across the country trying accommodate safety concerns by allowing employees working from home.

The recent events have shown many of us could just as easily work from home without having to drive through morning traffic, without enduring a daily hectic schedule. Of course some jobs do require in person interaction at work place but many do not.

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Some working from home tips might be helpful under the circumstances. With technological advancements the potential for working remotely is virtually limitless. With fast WIFI, a designated office space at home, necessary equipment and office supplies can you think of a reason why we won’t be able to work from home? Discipline is critical when it comes to working from home. If you are easily distracted working from home is not an easy task? Must have strong discipline and optimal workspace to achieve success. Then again discipline is in the core of any level of success. When work becomes home-based, we must remain accountable for our productivity.

Working remote

Find the right products and tools to be efficient and productive. The structure only works if the right technology and equipment are utilized.

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Benefits of working remotely

The option of working remotely has many financial advantages. Remote working is certainly a cost-efficient option for both employer and employees. First and foremost, companies could save money in real estate, facility and utility costs and more. The money they save in fact could be used for better compensation for employees and maintaining greater cash flow.

Employees saving from not having to drive every day and keep adding more miles to their vehicles, not having to spend extra in clothing simply because some workplaces stipulate certain dress codes. Working from home offers another great incentive which is priceless, time. Commute hours could be exhausting.

Look this is merely one perspective on working remotely, for most of us it’s matter of preference. However if big companies slowly trend toward working remotely within next few years many others will follow. Should that happen being efficient at working remotely would certainly be a requirement for overall workforce.

There was a time when not knowing basic computer skills or even subpar internet connection were necessary to work for a well renowned organizations. Point being practice of doing business and maintaining a substantial productivity is always evolving. Some stays ahead of the curve, some play catchup. We might be seeing changes to how we carry on with our lives for months to come if not years, best way to adapt would be finding the proper tools and strategy. YouTube, Amazon, Google could be helpful resources in my experience.

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