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Antiaging is one of the most talked about topics. None of us would like to forgo our youth. And in all fairness aging does have a negative connotation thanks to society’s obsession with age.

How society sees aging

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Getting older automatically implies there’s less to look forward, so we dread it. Turning 40, 50, 60 and so on often perceived as the second half of life, why is that? It really is subjective and we buy into the narrative. Though getting older is part of life, it should not diminish our desire to be the best version of ourselves. As we get older our looks change, for some it gets better and for some it gets worse. But it doesn’t have to get worse.

The research backed by science and experts clearly show getting older doesn’t have to be diminishing. There is so much discussions on antiaging. Many individuals are adapting to ways that could help them slow down aging or even antiaging.


According to rmg.co.uk Julius Caesar’s astronomers explained need for 12 months in a year. At that time there were 10 months on a calender year. Months July and August were added later. The idea was to synchronize with the seasons. The concept of “year” was created and modified to adjust to lunar cycles. Yes a concept, that’s what age is a concept. Meaning of age could be anything we want it to be.

Antiaging promotions are everywhere

Antiaging creme, antiaging supplements, various products to make us look and feel younger are everywhere. And youth is the proverbial unicorn we are all chasing after. Ok that sounded bit dramatic but we are chasing youth, always wanting to turn back the clock. Believe it or not the antiaging industry might be onto something. At least to an extent. As the body ages skin, bones, muscle tone, strength deteriorate. So cultivating a lifestyle that is properly nourished, supplemented and hydrated could slow down aging.

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Start with your diet

Food plays a crucial role in aging along with lifestyle. Yes we cannot just wish for antiaging or slow down age related changes. we have to earn it. Eating well and exercising, hydrating, meditation combined with discipline could make antiaging a very reasonable journey.

Food and ingredients in them play a substantial role in aging. If you look at a 45 year old who eats healthy compare them to a 45 year old who doesn’t it seems pretty clear what impact food could have.


Drink for antiaging

Drinking plenty of water is one of the most crucial and easiest ways to maintain youthful looking skin. So do not ignore the critical impact of hydration. Hydration is critical for bodily functions and staying healthy. Drinking water helps flush out toxins from body.

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