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Bridge vs Wall


We are well into 2022 and so much has happened. A global pandemic, a volatile economy and a polarized society. Back in 2020 when we prayed and hoped for a better year, this certainly was not any of us expected. Some build bridges and some build walls. That euphemism seems very fitting given what has been happening all around. We need a road to unity not a barrier to divide us.

How do we achieve unity? Since when disagreement has to be hostile? As children we were taught to not fight or resort to violence. But now hostility seems the great wall we simply can’t tear down. Is it too late to build a bridge that connects all of us at some level? Humanity will always have hope.

Bridge Unity
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The wall the division

How is it possible to live in a world so beautiful yet humankind continues to be ungrateful, myself included? A leader’s greed to conquer the neighboring countries at all costs baffling yet a reality. Decades of war because of religious, political and territorial differences almost a pattern in recent years. In fact, we could go back centuries but our tendency to be ungrateful remains the same. A road and a bridge to connect with everyone all around us despite our differences is not too much to ask, or is it?


The war in Ukraine, millions of innocent civilians dying. Because of this war our country’s already descending economy continues to fall faster. But this won’t last. History itself is proof after every disastrous event we rise back up. Yet while millions flee their homes in Ukraine we dwell on things that are far less insignificant.

Even at our worst we are still the strongest nation standing tall in the world. We should be the example to others.


Lead the road to unity

United States America to me and many would always be the leader and the most powerful country in the world. I came to this country with my family when I was very young. Over the last 3 decades I’ve grown to love this country more everyday. Identifying myself as an American would always be the proudest part of my existence.

I sometimes wish everyone who didn’t immigrate to this country could see this country through our perspective. United States Of America is more than a country to us. It’s a promise, it’s hope, it’s freedom. How a country that symbolizes so much greatness could ever disagree at an unthinkable level.

The events which occurred in recent years didn’t bring out the best of us as a nation. Seems in a way we are short changing ourselves.

Many of us are focused on ideological differences rather than finding a middle ground. The so-called political leaders continue to feed us their rhetoric instead of demonstrating true leadership. We are better than this.

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The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who is 44 years old. He was an actor and comedian. However, based on how he is leading his country against a powerful erratic leader is nothing short of astounding. I suppose it is true, during crisis true leaders emerge.

His leadership brought the whole nation together. Our leaders on the other hand continue baffle us with their petty political agenda. There are two major political entities in United States, they both claim to be patriots and paint the opposition as enemies. I don’t pretend to understand politics but how being so divisive could lead to a common goal?

Understanding and kindness could be the bridge we need

Peace, love and unity. We throw those words around a lot, but do our actions often reflect those words? Do we find unity more vital than being right?

Some social media outrage or posting prayers or comments when something disastrous happens cannot be the most we are capable of. Together we could be limitless but often we let our pride get in the way. To show unity, to build a road to coming together require action and discussions. Small steps like understanding, compromising could lead to so much more. After all we are all part of one human race.

Kindness is becoming rare nowadays. But why? How could we not use our energy and strength to be kinder to one another? It’s really simple notion but so difficult to follow through. Simply because someone is not from the same region or look different do not make them the opposition. In fact, our ability to find that connection with everyone no matter what their background or culture might be is one of our greatest strengths.

Be the example

Instead of conspiracy theories or negative news we could decide to surround ourselves with stories of love and compassion. Story like a little boy who spent all his allowance to buy a bicycle for a man who had to walk miles to get to work. It’s not a made-up story.

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We are capable to being kind, building a bridge to unity but often we choose not to. Our indifferences cloud our vision to look beyond opposite views. Irony is if we accept a different perspective everyone could work towards something far greater than we could imagine.

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