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A simple road trip, almost therapeutic!

Being on the open road, a long drive to somewhere or even nowhere could sometime feel like therapy. Matter of fact from my personal experience, it’s almost as beneficial as therapy. Getting in your car and drive. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It actually is. I mean aside from an overnight bag, some spending cash and great music playing you don’t need much more.

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Feeling of the open road

Most of us get up in the morning and get on with our lives, whatever that might be. We drive to work, school, stores etc. We drive with an objective. And once we are done, we drive back home or whatever the next stop might be depending on the day. Though it may not sound complicated it certainly is stressful.

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So thus far everything mentioned above is just driving. Driving from point to point is just chores. But driving somewhere with the goal of enjoying the road ahead is just relaxing and entertaining. The music, junk food, the company everything seems like out of this world. Ok maybe not out of this world but surely enjoyable. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be an overnight trip, just a long drive could be absolutely relaxing.

A trip is more than just a getaway, it’s a break from everyday life. The element of spontaneity during a road trip has no substitute.

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Make the long road your friend

We pay thousands for car payments or lease, gas, insurance, maintenance and etc. So why not get something out of it other than just driving to point to point to complete tasks. If for nothing else for a little bit of joy and a peace of mind. Now granted in 2022 road trip is far more expensive than it would have been in previous years. So, taking a trip needs to be financially sound.

The sky-high gas prices, unaffordable cost of living and not to mention the devastating impact of a global pandemic will pass. And, when it does do try make road trips a crucial part of your life.

To conclude

A road trip essentially gives us a sense of freedom. And that sense of freedom is extremely chaordic for our mind and body.

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