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Understanding consumer confidence, What should be considered? How businesses should prepare?

Covid-19 has imposed an overwhelming stress on businesses across the board. Particularly small businesses have suffered unbearable setback due to a virtual halt because of this unprecedented pandemic. Consumer confidence is at its lowest, the term if you are not familiar with (much like myself) you would be soon. In laymen’s terms “consumer confidence” is just like it sounds. Consumer confidence is more or less an indicator of the state of economy.

How to define consumer confidence

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As Wikipedia defines “consumer confidence” projects the measure of optimism in economy. During this pandemic “consumer confidence” is a crucial aspect of business strategy especially when it entails enduring a suffering economy. One definition of consumer confidence is consumer’s feelings towards current and future market condition must be assessed.

Most recent study shows as of February 2022 consumer confidence stands at 111.05. For more information on consumer rating visit this link.


What is consumer confidence?

When I did a little research on “United States Economy” and “consumer confidence” it seemed rather evident United States Economy is profoundly influenced by consumer confidence. The temperature of the stock market fluctuates depending on how consumers and investors feel about economy and its stability. In a stable economy consumers are comfortable spending in great economy consumers are happy to be spending, buying and even splurging.

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If you look back on every major catastrophe in United States the level of anxiety about financial insecurities rise significantly. The strength of economy is directly correlated to how consumers feel about their financial security. As a laymen consumer confidence feeling an ease about spending, growth and the trajectory of an economy.

define consumer confidence

In this shaky economy entrepreneurs must do their research before diving back into reopening the business to consumers. If businesses are 100% open but consumers are apprehensive about spending or worse cannot afford spend businesses are loosing money just for staying open.

It’s undoubtedly crucial that economy gets back on track, it’s matter of surviving for everyone. Putting food on the table, healthcare, mortgage, bills in other words “way of life’ must resume. But opening businesses prematurely could have a devastating impact on lifespan their continuity.

We are still far from normalcy

After dealing Covid -19 for over two years we felt things would get better sooner than later. Well a lot got in the way,;war in Ukraine, polarizing political climate. Though we are not close to overcoming the rolling impact of last few years, we are getting closer.


Observe the surroundings

Even though economy feels like a roller coaster all of us trying to be cautiously optimistic, as consumers we are getting into the holiday spirit. 2022 thanksgiving was one of the busiest shopping and traveling seasons thus far. As consumers we are tired of sacrificing all the time.

Understand the consumer tendencies

Consumer’s sentiment is a strong force. Sometimes it feels businesses don’t really appreciate what consumers would want or prefer. They apply a cookie cutter approaches to all. What if businesses understood consumers better?