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2023, have you made the most of it?

New year new beginning

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New year, so comes new year resolutions. All about a new start. We are months into year 2023, for me it’s going by too fast. All the new year goals I had set last year are still at the beginning state. But this year I chose to have a different perspective. Nothing in life goes according to plan, at least in my experience. So this year any day is a chance to be better and more.

Setback with new resolution

New year resolution is lot like a hype. Beginning of the year every resolution makes great sense and seems like a great deal to strive for. But as life happens my focus shifts and before I know it this year’s resolutions becomes next year’s resolution. Furthermore even if I managed to start the resolutions disruptions occur due to unexpected events and resolutions take the proverbial beck seat. I saw a great meme that read “keep room in your heart for the unimaginable”. In life living in fear and living carelessly would be very unwise to say the least. But living with the fortitude to accept any uncertainty might be the best option in my humble opinion.

I have always had the tendency to live in fear. The price I’ve paid because of it is far too steep. A new start takes courage. Granted failure is always a possibility, but it’s not the only possibility.

New year

Life doesn’t happen the way we often plan. However what we can’t predict could be overcome. I suffered 3 biggest losses in my life which I never saw coming. Loss of my parents and a child. I also couldn’t make it work with the love of my life. I had a rare second chance and I still blew it. These losses left an unthinkable void in my life. In a weird way they also taught me a lesson. In life unpredictability is constant. Ironic, isn’t it? I learned with each loss life never prepares you for the aftermath. So, when in mourning or in agony only choice I have is to find a way to ensure. Not just endure grow through the process.


If I could survive through loosing the ones I loved most maybe I could endure whatever life throws at me, better or worse. It’s never easy, then again easy would be a curse.

Unexpected events often change our life’s trajectory. That means find a new start to move forward. Each time we are faced with a setback, tragedy or a loss we have no choice but to endure. After having suffered losses I tried not to deal with it or even be in denial. But facing agony of loss and enduring it is the only way to move forward, at least for me.

Each goal in life must be measurable an adjustable at least that’s what have learned thus far. Without assessing our progress we wouldn’t know how close we are to reaching our goals.

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Simplifying the steps

Here’s a silly trick I exercise, anytime I see anything remotely inspirational I make a note. It could be something as trivial as a meme. I could choose to find negatives and disappointments all around me if I simply focus on it. End result, depression not a new start. An end not a beginning.

Success in life is hardly ever easy, in fact it’s anything but. The journey to achieve success is an invaluable process. It make us something more than who we were in the beginning. It’s never too late but that’s not to say wait until the right time. There’s no such thing. Success in my experience demands more relentless effort than the strategic ones.

As I am typing this I know there would be a day an instance when I would feel like giving up or simply not trying. The good news is I won’t give up for too long.

Takeaway message

Don’t wait, don’t stop. If you have a goal, know you’ll achieve it. Maybe you will but even if you do not you’ve gained something. Self development during the process of a new start. You were better than when you started. Progress it the key. Failure and disappointment in life is inevitable. The greats are willing to risk failure to achieve extraordinary results.