Discipline and hard work, do we need both for success?


What is the secret to success? It’s one of the most common questions we often ask. Is there a simple answer? Maybe no, but there is a fundamental component. Combination of discipline, focus and hard work. Discipline would not have an impact without hard work when it comes to climbing the ladder of success.

Having a disciplined lifestyle could be challenging for many. It takes a tremendous amount of mental fortitude. But at the end discipline is rewarding.

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Define discipline

How do you define discipline? What is the first thing come to mind when you think about it? Is it certain sets of rules and guidelines, or is it certain rituals? We often draw a connection between discipline and being strictly regulated. If you think about it, all of those make sense.


Discipline to me is the most important tool in life. Not just for the obvious, sometimes for not so obvious. Discipline is the most fundamental and significant tool to reach any goal in life.

Discipline provides a roadmap to our goals. Waking up at a certain time, going to bed early are both examples of discipline. Eating healthy over eating whatever we want to is another example of discipline.

In the most basic sense, discipline is choosing options that provides structure.

Why maintaining discipline is so difficult?

Discipline enforces certain parameters in our decision process or choices. Often, we hear the word we imagine strict and regimented. All but comfortable. Matter of fact they all might be applicable. First and foremost, comfort is like an anchor when it comes to success. I don’t mean we should be miserable but we need to accept we have to challenge our abilities. Focus on the goal.


Everyday it’s a challenge, at least for me. Every morning I wake up with an intention to be disciplined. However situations come up where being disciplined little out of reach. But I am learning, it was never out of reach it was my mindset. My own thinking got in my ways.

Simplify it

Discipline is not a barrier or a brick wall. It’s not comprised of discomfort or agony. To me it’s a dynamic tool or a blueprint for achieving goals, betterment and reaching the next stage in life or career. I hate getting up early in the morning. I dread that alarm in the morning. But getting up early in the morning sets the tone for my entire day’s productivity level.

I myself have few different interpretations of discipline. The one I often say to myself is discipline is like eating my least favorite vegetable to a achieve good health. It is a tool to reach any goal in life.

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Focusing on the big picture helps establish discipline. According to focus 3


The great Les Brown said and I’m paraphrasing ‘ doing the hard things now makes life easier down the line’. If we eat poorly now we suffer from unhealthy living later in life. We put in the minimal amount of work we get minuscule results. Doing the hard things, practicing self-control, not giving into impulses constantly are reflection of discipline.