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Be the best version of yourself.

Who are you?

Do you have a clear sense of who you are? If so you certainly are one of the lucky ones. Knowing who we are and our purpose in life often a journey. So many of us still seeking our identity, who we are meant to be is still an unanswered question. And yes that’s one of the most important questions that demands an answer.

Are we leaders, are we observers, or may be our path leads to a destiny which is bigger than we could ever imagine. Are we striving to be the best version of ourselves. Being our best is a perpetual journey.

Often we may feel we know who we are however circumstances change our perspective. Our surroundings and perceptions of others end up dictating who we should be. But is that our destiny? Is that how it should be?

What is your gift? Be yourself to find out


The greatest motivators and life coaches, leaders and pioneers would remind us and they believe as well that we all have a gift. It might be something we don’t even realize we have, however it’s within us. It is often subjective. Maybe your presence in someone else’s life makes them feel valued. Maybe you always strive being a person of integrity which made you a great example for someone else to be the same.

The point is simply being yourself you are contributing to something greater. So, if you constantly work on being the best version of yourself the impact would astounding.

Everyday we are faced with choices, and those choices impact us and others. We have a choice to be kind or cruel, choose right or wrong. A choice to be stuck or move forward.

Yes a choice to be the best version of yourself lines with what you and I do everyday. So consistency is the key.

Being the best and exceeding expectations ultimately come down to a choice. We cannot simply wish to be the best, it comes down to significant conscious effort. Everyone has something to offer, even when we feel there isn’t anything. We often or at least I often I’ve heard from many how we make others feel show who we really are. So pay attention to your surroundings and more importantly pay attention to yourself. How you speak, what you do even when no one is watching.

Have you ever wondered why celebrities, athletes, the captains of industries inspire us even when we never met them but we merely know of their existence? One thing they have in common is their strives to be the best. And in the process they inevitably end up inspiring millions.

How many of you met your heroes? Yet feel inspired by them simply because what they say or do? So if they can do it, you can too.

So once again what is your gift? Dig deep and once you find it keep working on it. Maybe you have a sense of humor everyone loves? Or perhaps your leadership skills inspire those around you? Better yet maybe it’s something you love to do on your spare time such as writing, painting, dancing. Whatever it might be.

The greatest innovators think outside the box, so that could be your starting point. Whatever your gift is do not underestimate, embrace it.

Being the best version of yourself is an asset

Huda Beauty

What you can do or who you are is not as insignificant as you might think. Stop thinking of yourself as ordinary and search within to find something extraordinary, it’s there. Everyone who reaches the top often digs deep to find their gift to the world. So do not stop at ordinary, the extraordinary version of you could be closer than you think.

Your existence could be an asset, so believe in yourself and strive to share it with the world. Don’t confuse celebrity status with greatness. Fame is not an asset however individuality is. This world is in dire need for inspirational figures and it could be you who fills the gap.

We are influenced more by trash tv and social media, that must change. We need influence to learn and live up to our true potential.

Our ability to influence and impact others is truly astonishing. However how little we could do to make an impact is tragic. Self doubt and lack of self awareness often lead to not living up to our potential. And that subsequently leads to yes you guessed it nowhere.

Again, it is absolutely critical to remind ourselves who we are individually is an asset. It’s not the measure of feedback or criticism we should dwell on, it’s what we contribute truly matters.

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Believe in the path

Path to success is hardly ever a straight line, and outcome often not what we expect. One fact must remain unsullied is remaining true to who we are . That’s why we try over and over to reach the top, to reach our full potential. We don’t become the best version of ourselves by being someone else, we do so by evolving. And once we learn to evolve we start our true journey to betterment.


In other words be yourself and continue to be a better version of you one step one day at a time.

A path to betterment sometimes must be created, and this process demands strength and focus. So to understand how strong we are truly are we must be true to ourselves.

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