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Huda Beauty

adult athlete body bodybuilding
Getting in shape after 40. It’s not as difficult.
September 3, 2020

40 is a milestone in life Though we like it or not certain age is considered a milestone. Consensus is 20s to enjoy and party,…

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women in yoga class
Diet, fitness and wellbeing. Importance of knowing what to eat and how to stay healthy.
August 10, 2020

Lack of fitness is becoming a dangerous trend We all have fitness goals, however we lack the knowledge and will to execute that goal. Fitness…

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All meals follow our founding physician’s recommendation to consume a consistent and controlled amount of carbohydrates at each meal. These meals help to maintain blood glucose levels and contain 25 grams or less of NET carbohydrates each.

Keep your Diabetes Under Control With our Specialty Meals!

Store the entrees in your freezer, simply reheat and enjoy. Balance by Bistro could help you stay healthy and fit.

Balance by Bistro” Reach your fitness goals and weight management with minimal effort. Balance by Bistro takes the guess work out of diet plans. They offer great selections of healthy meals with the right micro and macro nutrients.

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You know yourself better than anyone else, which is why we’ve built balance to be flexible to meet your needs. Order as much or as little as you need, on your schedule. We’re here when you need us. Looking to lose weight and need some help for busy days when you don’t have time to cook, or just don’t want to? We’ve got you covered.

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Heart healthy, diabetic friendly, low carbs. “Balance by Bistro” has many options to choose from. During this unstable environment avoid going to stores, by ordering from “Balance By Bistro“. Nothing beats having a chef prepared healthy meal to start and end your day.

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Tiller & Hatch Co.
Tiller & Hatch Co.

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Sugar cravings stop

Sweetdefeat could help overcome sugar cravings.

The benefits of eating vegetables cannot be overstated, some of the super food should be staples of our daily meals such as avocado, cilantro, beets.

Did you know cilantro helps reduce inflammation, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion, helps detox the body?!?

Fitness goal for 2021

What is your fitness goal for 2021? Is the lack of access to the gym hindering your fitness goals? If so time to improvise. Covid-19 has disrupted our lives many ways, however it’s up to us to find a way to get back control one step at a time. Check out the video below. Get ready for 2021 now. 2020 gave us an idea what Covid-19 could restrict our fitness lifestyle. Knowledge certainly is power, preparation is absolutely crucial.

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Great or people on the go. Convenient and easy to operate. Excellent fit for fitness goals. Blend healthy power shakes, meal replacements.

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Resume writing and job interview

It’s actually a common fact that most employers focus on experience not the employee’s ability. Honestly they don’t go hand in hand. If work in banking I may say in my resume “banking experience” but does that underline my ability. The recruiters often have this moronic screening process which entails reading the resume experience. That’s not efficient. Jimmy Garoppolo won 2 super bowl rings with the New England Patriots. That’s his experience. He didn’t play in those games to win it, that’s ability or lack thereof.


One of the most anxious aspects of starting a new career besides writing a resume is preparing for an interview. Writing a resume that catches the attention of a recruiter is a daunting task for many. However there are online resources and career tools available that could help prepare for both a substantial resume and an interview that could get you closer to that dream job. Preparation is the key, if a resume has too much information or too little it could very easily get skipped over. So write a resume and that gives the recruiter enough information so they would reach out for that interview.

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Our thinking patterns control so much of undue stress we bring upon ourselves. However there are ways we could learn control how and what we think about, take back control of our emotional stress. So many online FREE resources on YouTube, TedTalk, Google are available to help us learn how to manage our thinking subsequently our mind. Learning to control how we think and what we think about sets our perception of reality.


To have a healthy lifestyle having access to the right tool often the edge we need. Simple things like a microwave, a fridge, a stove, an efficient kitchen, the right supplements etc. etc. In this review we will focus on portable blender. A portable blender truly makes meal planning easier substantially. They are small, they are rechargeable and easy to clean. I often just loan it up with protein powder and pack some fruits in a container and oatmeal. Makes for a great snack or even a healthy meal replacement

Here are some portable blenders that might peek your interest. They are all USB rechargeable however careful when washing them. Be sure to close the usb slot so water won’t get in. Overall they are not that expensive, avg price $25 to $45.

portable blender

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