Flying. Travelling. Don’t wait for tomorrow.


Do you like to fly? Like to travel? Do you like that feeling of excitement when getting on a plane knowing in a few hours you will reach a destination that has always been on your bucket list or a destination you’ve always loved visiting? Everyday millions of travelers fly to so many destinations for business, for vacation, for reasons that could be simply personal, or for adventure. The point is flying, driving, taking the train or cruise to a destination could be for many reasons. Flying is one of the most popular choices to most destinations simply because it is faster and convenient from multiple perspectives. However the recent events due to widespread of Covid-19 has slammed the travel industries including many popular airlines. This hard hit from Covid-19 has been felt by every type of business and individuals from every walk of life. Doesn’t matter what profession we are in, we all felt the gravity of this pandemic.


Travelling is a therapy

Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been, some journeys will take you to places you will never forget, you will relive those moments over and over. This world might be changing nevertheless it has and always will remain beautiful. Granted natural disasters and other calamities have changed and even erased the world over the years. Our notion to reject science and the impact of global warming, pollution must change. At the risk of sounding like a politician during an election year “we must come together to protect this planet”. If we manage to slow down and many cases stop the catastrophic pollution world wide we will always have that option to see every beautiful landscape, mountain, waterfall, exotic places that earth has to offer.

Unnecessary loss

The world is in the middle of a widespread pandemic, normalcy is different now to say the least. With all the advancements in science, medicine and evolution of technology the so-called leaders of the world no one anticipated a pandemic that would disrupt our lives for worse. We should remain vigilant.

We will travel again we will fly and drive, go on cruises to the destinations of our dreams. Because of the pandemic along with other incidents 2020 has been a taxing year. Millions have suffered, million died from a pandemic that remains an unknown enemy to this day. Though we feel powerless we are by no means going to loose this war against Covid-19. The loved ones lost would always be in our hearts. In many ways those who lost the fight against Covid-19 would be one of the biggest causes why we will prevail against this pandemic. Lives lost would never be forgotten.

What have we learned so far?

Year 2020 the year of Covid-19 has taught us many lessons. It taught us our politicians are more infantile than children who are engaging in virtual classrooms. Year 2020 has shined the spotlight even brighter on racial and economical “CLUSTER FUCK” that we for a long time accepted as normal, As one of the most powerful and greatest nations in the world we failed miserably because of our indifferences in philosophy, race, religion and political stance. In 2020 as human as Americans we acted like someone else. We forgot having different philosophical views never should lead to destructive hate.

We also lost touch with the fact that constantly worrying about the future robs us from living today. There’s a difference between looking forward to better tomorrows and worrying about what the tomorrow will bring. Just in one year a pandemic forced us to social distance, crumbled the travel industries, we lost millions, lost jobs and homes. Everything that we hoped we would do in 2020 may have to be pushed back to 2021 if not later. Back in 2001 post September 11 everyone was terrified of flying. That fear was inevitable. This country this world lost so many and so much because of few cowards who used their hatred to hurt us. September 11 changed the world forever just like 2020 would be changing the world forever. After September 11 this nation this country found its way back with unity, courage and resilience. We could do it again.

Tomorrow could very well turn into next year and sadly turn into never. Our time is limited but the potential for adventure, better life and better society is endless. So when it is safe to travel get that plane ticket go to that destination and see it with your own two eyes. So don’t put off what you could do today that’s worth doing for tomorrow.

Be the change

Gandhi said “be the change you wanna see in this world” hopefully I didn’t butcher the quote. Now more than ever we need hope, optimism, kindness, unity, love and respect. We could be the changes this world needs desperately. One man could make a difference one at a time. Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Margaret Thatcher, Albert Einstein, Barak Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, Jackie Robinson, Nikola Tesla are just few names that would remain history makers. They choose to make a difference and be the change. They didn’t do it for glory or for praise but to be the pivot this world needed. Imagine if we as a whole as a society as a nation decided to be the change this world needs right now!!?? Should we not at least try to be a better version of ourselves? We have lots to gain and nothing to loose.


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