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A Performance coach at work.

Why a performance coach?

Every company and business should consider utilizing a performance coach. A mediocre H R training is useless. A high performance coach could be crucial to organizational and individual success.

Progression at work, health, life, relationship, finance is an ultimate goal for all of us. In fact success in any facet of life is our primary focus. We all define success in our own ways, we also measure success by different metrics. So no matter how we define success or measure it the most fundamental secret effort and hard work.

Performance and company culture

The success of an organization relies tremendously on company culture. Speaking from my own experience often management and middle management hinder company success with mismanagement. Their inconsistencies in leadership approach truly creates a vacuum.  

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Let’s understand one thing very clearly, massive action and hard work are at core of success

Why is it some perform their jobs better than the other? Is the answer some are simply smarter? NO. Or is it some are simply better? Answer is definitely No. It boils down to individual focus to simply be better and more productive relentlessly. Will to learn and continuing to work on themselves.


We underestimate the power of focus and will, biggest reason is majority of individuals go to a job they barely appreciate or want. It’s just means to an end. Unfortunately what we do to pay bills, put food on the table often do not inspire us to thrive.

It’s our responsibility nevertheless to find that proverbial “calling” to reach for the stars, excel and finding that sense of accomplishment. A high performance coach could be imperative.

It’s worth mentioning how well you perform at work or in life is up to you. Nevertheless having that one person or a source who could help you see your true potential almost reassures your success.

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Ditch the analog training learn from a performance coach

Nowadays most companies offer standard training and development methods which is ineffective and frankly obsolete. To put bluntly most HR training is simply a formality and a waste of time. Few training sessions, manuals, boring seminars are just ineffective. Employees are treated are middle school students, often simply instructed to get better.

But, how remains vague? From my experience most HR training is like living through a long and lengthy email. A H R training doesn’t zero in on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Rather it just provides their feedback and what needs to be better. Yes, what needs to be better but not how.

How‘ is actually the most critical aspect of talent development.

And then comes the ultimatum, if you don’t do well you would be replaced. So, fear could be a motivation however without guidance and proper inspiration it’s just a source of stress. And in turn companies end up with mediocre employees in their workforce who are only willing to do enough to not get fired.

Evolve from the old training methods

Organizations need to evolve, and create an atmosphere where employees are constantly on track to be dynamic. Bullshit H R training classes do not give us a motivation. In order to focus on enhance performance individuals need coaches and motivators. We are all familiar with the term performance coach, it is more common in athletics, entertainment industries, arts and performance. Performance determines outcome, so why businesses aren’t considering performance development plans instead of old-fashioned training strategies.

The cheesy sentiment that hurts us is often at workplaces we hear management, executives say “we are a family”. It’s a nice sentiment however a team mentality could be more effective at work. We expect performance at work which means working as team is the right strategy over behaving like a work family.

As a team we hold each other accountable, we work together to reach a common goal. Leaning never stops in life at work.

A performance coach in many ways evaluates strength and weaknesses and helps strategize the next step. A performance coach often evaluates our self-evaluation. Performance evaluation by any HR and self-evaluation do not often correlate. A performance coach could certainly help mitigate that disconnect. HR training tells what went wrong what needs to be right, but a performance coach helps evaluating our ability to assess abilities to overcome the gap.

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Old fashioned H R training is irrelevant

A performance coach is something most companies should consider, at least to an extent. It’s evident the old school “HR approach” and periodic mandatory training just isn’t enough. In fact in some cases it has a negative impact. When that email from the H R or depart manager comes to us, be honest we all dread it. It’s really mind numbingly boring and often a waste of time. From a social interaction stance mandated training does improve relationship between employees, departments, management, board of directors and so on to an extent. It hardly improves performance.

Now from purely performance and productivity perspective these semi social work gatherings do not add much to the organizational goals. Because what an organization envisions and how it implements its agenda sometimes overlooks a lot.

Wendy Rhodes, does this name sound familiar? It’s a fictional character but very effective one for the purpose of this post. She is an accomplished psychiatrist who works as a performance coach at Axe Capital. Yes I am referring to the show Billions. Though her character is fictional the role she plays could definitely do wonders for so many in real life. She opens the mental blocks, steers through self-doubt of traders at a hedge fund firm so they can rise to the challenge and make billions.

Let’s understand what entails in this process


Yes money isn’t the answer but it’s a great incentive. The answer is finding the inner force and the will. Now let’s take sports, performance coaches are integral aspects of any athlete’s success. Every athlete knows what he or she needs to perform the highest level but HOW isn’t simply being fast, strong or even smart. Knowing how to be strategic with combinations of all the talents is what makes one the greatest. Knowing their weakness and learning to overcome is a crucial key. Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams are few examples of the greatest in the sport. If you learn little about their career and their lives one common thread is their unrelenting focus and will. They each have that instinct to realize and appreciate they needed someone to steer them through the mental blocks, performance anxieties and lack of will.

Final thought

Companies must wake up and appreciate the severity of what may happen if they stand by their old school approach. Putting cheap gas into a fast car won’t make it go faster. Giving employees the standard nonsensical playbook won’t make them motivated.

The expectations of employers must be met with the right strategies to transform workforce to be more robust. Implementing strategies to influence and motivate employees to see and understand their potential. Capitalize on their strength and overcome their weaknesses.

Companies cannot simply ask their staff to just do better if they are not trained and motivated. It’s actually reckless and unfair when companies do not see the flaw in their own practice. It may not be their responsibility to hold employee’s hand in every instance but it’s certainly up to them to create a structure that helps employees excel and consistently perform.

Life, health, relationship coaches and coaches in other aspects of life provide their perspective to optimize life and performance it’s about time same is considered all across professional world.

There are no shortcuts to greatness but there are ways to expedite the journey. A performance coach, a mentor, a trainer, a teacher they all have a similar objective; a optimizing output and strategies. So instead of just copying and listening a performance coach helps everyone tap into their true potential. Imagine what if we knew our true potential? Safe to say we just might astound ourselves.

Never stop learning, don’t underestimate the power of knowledge - Save time and money!

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