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Chase your dream. Chase your dream no matter what!!!

Dream big and chase after it

As kids we were told to dream big, we were encouraged to chase after our dreams. Parents, teachers, coaches, family members told us anything is possible. Do recall that moment when you did believe anything is possible? As we get older we become more realistic, instead of chasing after our dreams we chase after goals that are morphed by surroundings and necessities. We create a new narrative and label it reality. By doing so we take jobs that make us miserable, we stay in relationships that are stagnant. Chasing dream isn’t about being unrealistic, it’s about having a vision a goal so magnificent that we refuse to give up on it.


The best of the best in any walk of life have dreams that are larger than life itself. 3 decades it was not Amazon that was one of the largest retailers in the world or Netflix wasn’t the primary source of movie night. The founders of these companies had a vision and they didn’t stop chasing after it until they became ultimate success stories. Determination sets the journey sets the pace in every success story

what do you want?

What are your real goals in life? Are you fortunate enough to do what you truly want? Are you working to pay the bills or building a career you always dreamed of as a child? Harsh reality is most of us are not doing what we love rather doing what’s necessary. Necessary to pay the bills, providing for families aka “making a living”. The harshness of reality often overshadows our dreams which eventually paves the way to mediocrity. Living an average life where you are content with what you have isn’t a crime, however never trying to live up to your potential is tragic. A life without a goal leads to nothing but regrets. Why not at least keep trying? Why not regroup and restart? A journey to reach your goals, chasing your dreams doesn’t have to end when we get sidetracked. As the saying goes “everyday is a new opportunity”.

We are often so scared of failure we don’t even try to chase after what we really want. Chase your dream doesn’t have to be a notion, it could be a reality.

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Be determined to reach your goals

Wanting greatness in our accolades doesn’t have to end with age, lack of education, lack of opportunities. Focus is the key as is determination.

Even if we have to put our dreams on hold for “reality” we shouldn’t put it away forever. There is a satisfaction in defying the odds, accomplishing beyond expectations. Often some of the biggest movie stars talk about their first jobs while pursuing the dream of becoming actors. Brad Pitt drove stripers to parties before he started getting more acting opportunities. Johnny Depp sold ballpoint pens. Danny DeVito was a hairdresser. The list goes on. They did what they had to to survive, to make a living but never stopped chasing their dreams. You might have a quality, a talent, an interest that could put you on that same path to chase your dreams just like the great ones. Maybe your dream of being an astronaut is behind you but maybe there are other dreams and goals you have that could lift your spirit and make you wake up in the morning with a burst of energy.

It’s never too late to chase your dreams, at the end we regret the chances we didn’t take. We have no one to blame but ourselves when we give up after failing. Achieving a goal often doesn’t come easily, it certainty doesn’t come from a comfort zone.

We all have something to offer

The recent events have made one thing clear, this world needs more selfless acts. During this pandemic we saw many acts kindness and bravery that this world needs more of. We all have something to offer to make this world a better place. We have an extraordinary vantage point to take a step towards something big each and everyday. It could be monetary, it could be emotional support, it could be encouragement enriching others and make this world a better place could be done in more ways than one.

Better yourself and others


One of the best lessons in life for me has been realizing as a person I should never stop learning. Once I stop learning I deprive myself of any progress, so learning never stops. To be more we have to learn more, not only intelligently also physically and spiritually. Once our minds and bodies are at a peak shape we can expect more out of life on a daily basis. Set aside time to read more, set a schedule to be more physically active and more disciplined eating habits. As we learn to optimize ourselves more physically and mentally, we see changes and improvements. Any life long achievement becomes a tedious process if we are not mentally and physically at our best. When we adapt a disciplined lifestyle everything we do becomes more structured which subsequently leads to greater outcome.

Be better physically be better mentally
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Don’t stop working on yourself, if you have start over. If you stop pushing yourself life will become a suffering however if you continue to push yourself it will become a journey that could lead to a legacy you could gift to the world. Moment 31 works with number of affiliates who offer the tools and resources needed to be better physically and mentally. Betterment of yourself should be considered an investment which could have tremendous return. The advancement of technology and progressive human nature have presented us with opportunities to expand our horizon.

I heard an interesting comment on Youtube, maybe that could be my parting thought. I am paraphrasing, “if you are currently working a job that’s just for paycheck give your best do your best just the same. If you are capable of giving your maximum effort at a job you barely like imagine what you could do at your dream job.

If you can’t find what you are needing tell us what types of resources or products you would like to see more of and we will get to work. Click here to see what’s featured on Moment 31.