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Facebook ads, might be a waste.


Do you trust Facebook ads with your message? Facebook ads are truly a long shot. Often you are spending money on ads that have very limited potential for R O I. If you are on social media, it is more likely you have a Facebook account. Now most of use this social media platform to share personal thoughts, pictures, posts, information with friends, family and let’s be real tons of strangers. Yes there are business advertisement as well, but it’s not as effective for small businesses as it is for most mainstream and larger businesses. On Facebook, I Jo Nobody probably know Sally Someone just ate at her favorite restaurant. I might even be inclined to like her post. Now in reality I may or may not be very acquainted with Sally but Facebook’s generic algorithm says we are friends so be it. While I am scrolling through posts like Sally’s may come across an ad that I find annoying. It’s a banner I have to click then it will take me to an external link so on and so on. Long story short I loose patience I exit out of the link and move onto something different.

Facebook ads inferior to blogging

Blogging is however different, blogging is more content oriented. It’s not one massive bulletin board where too much irrelevant information just cramped in together. Most blogs exist for their own purposes. It could be about information, style, money, review, recommendation etc etc. Blog advertisements and option where a third party is promoting or reviewing a product or item with an objective to share a message.

Now as a business owner what do you think should be your choice for digital marketing, an open platform that allows any and every input and renders available as you scroll or a content delivered from a specific source on a specific topic?

Moment 31 would like to be that outlet for you. You tell us what you like your clientele to know and Moment 31 would be the conduit. No biased marketing no false advertising just the message you wanna relay. You also have an option to add your business to the website business directory.

Bottom line is ultimately it depends all on the outcome. Facebook ads might have gotten the job done for you to an extent. But overall to the viewers Facebook ads are a distraction.

The fact is from personal experience Facebook advertisement is useful if a business is well-known and have unlimited budget for social media marketing. When you are scrolling through Facebook when you see an Amazon ad you might be intrigued however if it’s a company you hardly know of you just might skip through the add. In this case the company is certainly not getting results from it’s marketing expenses.


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A blogger or an influencer adds a hypothetical voice to a promotion from the a business point of views. A message that more relatable.