More of human decency. Make kindness an everyday practice.

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What Does human decency mean to you? Why human race far greater than other species? Is it just the economical, technological, industrial advancements? Or is it our ability to choose and have free will, knowing right from wrong? Could it be as human time and time again we have found a way to come together transcend and prevail? Is it kindness? Could it be all of the above and more?

For time and time again human decency has been put to test. All our lives we were taught the importance of giving and sharing. The very notion of kindness makes us who we are. The conscious choice being selfless and understanding beyond our own needs make us human among other attributes. Can you think back a scenario where someone reached out to you with helping hands or kind gesture? Now think again, what if that person hadn’t reached out? Now think back when you lent a hand of kindness to someone. It might have been something grand or even as small as a cup of coffee.

human decency
Simple acts of human decency

The intent, sentimentality and love is more powerful than the act of kindness itself. Look around, everything that has been going on the disease, the violence, the indifference, cruelty there are still individuals who are standing together despite color, creed, politics and philosophy. We see so many dying all around us due to a worldwide pandemic and we also many sacrificing themselves to save others. Our healthcare providers, first responders, police officers, firemen, truck drivers, grocery store employees and so many others everyday doing their part without hesitation to help millions. But is it just all on them? We blame the system, blame the government, blame our upbringing but what if we stopped blaming and just found a way to seek decency. The politicians may fail us but the nation won’t.

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Individuals may fail us but the human race won’t. In 2020 we need to choose human decency more than ever. Not that there’s ever lesser need for kindness, need for giving back, need for being human.

act of kindness giving and sharing

It’s not the circumstances that determine if and when we should be kind own up to our responsibility as human, it’s our instinct. All the greats never waited for others to create the path to make a difference they took it upon themselves. Over 7.5 billion people on this earth, if we all decided to make one small gesture of kindness imagine where we would be now. Racism, hatred, greed are essentially are choices that we could decide to overcome, instead of reacting we could act. The famous saying by Gandhi; ‘ be the change you wanna see in this world‘. One of the greatest virtues lacking in this world is “kindness”. The simple truth is if we look within we will find a way to be kind and caring, it has to come from within.

Each and everyday we could make a choice to be the most decent version of ourselves. It doesn’t take others what’s within us is enough to transcend and show kindness. How we project decency is truly up to us. World has pain it also has a range of kindness, it’s up to us to ensure the balance. Cruelty might be an inevitable fact kindness is an undeniable strength. That strength is a choice which eventually becomes a force.


Make a difference with kindness

Donate to Covid-19 fund. Make a difference, every donation counts. Let’s show kindness which still remains an underrated virtue. Give back or just give when you can, maybe you are the example we need. If you like to donate school supplies checkout Discount School Supplies below, you could qualify for free shipping. The divisiveness in this country is beneath this nation. We were and will be again a beacon of hope, we should never loose sight of that.

Need compassion more than ever

Recent events in Boulder, the political and racial conflict and so much unnecessary cruelties all around us. What do we do to stop it? Can we stop it all? Maybe not but we could try to be an example for others. It could start with one gesture, one act of kindness and one person.

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