Summer fun 2020, what are your plans?


Summer fun 2020, well we all aware it’s not a typical summer this year. Pandemic that slowly began early this year now has created a worldwide crisis. Never the less the concept of summer to most is fun. What is the meaning of summer to you? What is your plans for summer 2020? The proverbial summer trips. Well summer has different meanings to all of us, for some it’s all about family vacation and for some it’s more time at the beach. Then we have the barbeque lovers, road warriors, the campers well you get the idea the list goes on. Some of us even use summer as a milestone to have that fittest versions of ourselves. Summer is perception and reflection, it’s more than just a season. Now granted 2020 has been thus far anything but typical, but we are still trying our best to salvage whatever remains of this year.

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Summer 2020 a different feeling

Folks no matter how much we want our lives back to normal it maybe a long time before we regain our perception of normalcy. As states are easing some restrictions they overall fear of Covid-19 remains high. We are as a country trying to find a way to live our lives with uncertainties all around. Now winter does have its highlights, my favorite Christmas and the holiday season. But that is for another post. Summer is also the season kids get that well earned break from school. The graduation ceremonies, college tours for the next phase of education.

A mental and emotional recharge

Summer gives us a sense of energy that revives us. The sun and the beach, the jetskis and the RVs, open road or open sky . The 4th of July celebration, memorial day, labor day. Yes summer, so much to celebrate. Summer is also a great time to travel, beautiful tropical countries and mountains. Summer, thanks to “day light savings” gives us longer days, which give us opportunity to do more before and after workdays. Summer gives us an opportunity for going outside more. And let’s not forget it is also the perfect season to grow fresh produce, whether you like to grow vegetables or buy from your favorite local stores.

Now let’s not forget the water parks, theme parks, national parks, monuments, state attractions, country sights the list goes on.

The CBS news reported summer is also good for heart. Then again it’s imperative ALWAYS consult your physician before following any health tip. The vacations, the trips from summer breaks also help with mental state and energy.

open road

Summer 2020 would definitely be a NOT SO ordinary summer, nevertheless it’s a season we cherish and celebrate. Please understand safety takes precedence, there will always be another summer so do proceed with caution. Summer road trips, getaways we all wait for maybe on hold this years to an extent but would be even more meaningful once we get through the pandemic and able to travel safely.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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