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Summer 2021 and the end of Covid-19

Well, what a year 2020 was!. We are few months into 2021 and things are certainling looking far better than it was last year. But we are not completely Covid-19 free. However getting inch closer each and everyday. The normality we once knew prior to Covid-19 is gradually settling back in.

What a relief! Most of us if not all are excited about summer 2021. Road trips, barbeques, travelling, all the festivities coming back to us.

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Resume summer tradition

Summer is a season full of celebrations. Memorial weekend, 4th of July, weekend barbeques, road trips to lakes, beaches and water parks. The season is loaded with options for outdoor activities. This summer almost everyone would want to make the most of it, and there are number of of reasons why we should. If 2020 taught us anything that is nothing in life is guaranteed. Because of Covid-19 the entire world had to change their perception of normality. So much we took for granted was no longer an option. So summer 2021 is the season to make up for last year, well at the very least a new beginning.


Summer 2021 is an opportunity for all of us to start over or begin where we left off before Covid-19. No matter what your plans and goals are under no circumstances underestimate the lasting impact of this pandemic. In fact post pandemic thus far isn’t promising us a pandemic free life, at least not yet. But it will come, we shouldn’t think otherwise.

Summer Second Chance

Hot summer, cold drinks, relaxing and so on. They are the most fundamental aspects of summer fun. Being outside, enjoying the company of our friends and family on the beach or by the pool make summer fun. Roadtrips to water parks, flying to tropical destinations are synonymous with summer activities. Summer 2021 should be our chance to make up for so much we missed out on last year.

Covid-19 limited us to a virtual lockdown in 2020. So we must not forget the lesson we should have learned last year. None of of us were prepared for Covid-19 in 2020, and most of us paid a heavy price. However this year we know a lot more about what life could be during a global pandemic, and we must proceed with caution. Summer 2021 is a second chance, so making the most of it would require certain degree of diligence.

Life is precious so is time. However most important lesson from last year is safety. Along with typical much needed safety measures we also have to stay focused on the aftermath of Covid -19. Though restrictions are easing gradully we are not completely out of the woods just yet. So the best way to protect ourselves and loved ones would be paying attentions to what medical experts are recommending. Whether you are pro or against vaccine, priority is protecting yourself from this disease. Medical science oftent speaks for itself. Do consider the worth of your health.

Enjoy Summer 21

Aftermath of Covid-19 is an opportunity to make up for missed opportunities. So do make the most of it. Looking back what would you have done if Covid-19 never has happaned? Not how much of it you could fit into Summer 2021? And start enjoying. Everyone has their own unique plans for differents seasons of the year, so start checking off one item at a time. Of course travel is always a popular item on Summer To Do list.

Give back this summer

SUmmer 2021 is a great opportunity for all of us to give back and help local businsses. Maybe visit local landmarks and attractions with your family to give their revenue a boost. If you are shopping for summer events and trips, shop local. Yes Amazon and major retailers have great deals but independent business owners deserve a break. At the end you would feel great about decision to shop local.

Trying to decide what to do?

Still trying to figure out what to do this summer? Well we have a few suggestions; take up outdoor bike riding or maybe have picnics with friends and family. If you live close to water kayaking would be a great option. Maybe set a goal to run or walk outdoors, set a goal and gradually increase distance. Yes all of these would help you stay in better shape.

Don’t get too caught up too much on decision focus on enjoying. If last year didn’t teach all of us life is full of uncertainties. So go for it.

Travel, don’t wait unless you have to

Ask anyone, travel is one of the thbings we all missed the most. Drive, fly, cruise no matter what we prefer travel was virtually a non-option in 2020. The year of Covid-19 was thrusted upon us and it stripped away all our options to travel. So do keep last year in mind, it was a lesson for us all.

Don’t try to do it all at the same time, but do plan and grab that passport. Traveling the world is previlige. There is no substitutuon. Whatever your destination might be, go. Travel has both physical and mental impact on living well. We feel more energized.

It’s true we are not completely out of the woods just yet, we are inching closer. Yes the “Delta Variant” is casting a shadow but if we continue to listen to medical experts, this too shall pass.

No matter how you feel about current circumstances, do not let your health be a collateral. Right now health officials are urging everyone to be vaccinated. Don’t let 2021 be a repeat of 2020.

Complete a your bucket list

Ok maybe it won’t be possible to complete your bucket in one summer however certainly possible to cross off an item or two. So revisit that list, find something you could do this summer. Maybe start small. A home project, or getting in better shape. Or maybe go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. The idea is go for it, start somewhere.

To conclude

Summer 2021 could be a great story for you months from now. Write it well. Live it even better.

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