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Trying to lose weight? Try these steps.

What is your ideal goal in life when it comes to fitness? It’s a well known fact Unites States has a obesity problem. And of course with obesity comes many chronic diseases. So weight loss is a measure that leads to a better health and life. It’s not easy to reach optimal weight goals but it is worth it. Read this post to learn about weight loss meal plans, excercising and loosing weight managable ways.

Why lose weight?

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United States has a significant problem with obesity. According to online statistics 35% of Americans are considered obese. Loosing weight is a significant topic yet failing maintain an optimal body weigh remains an ongoing issue in America. Why are we so obsessed with loosing weigh but struggle to reach the goal. Is it our lifestyle, our surroundings or will? Well it’s all of the above. Actually the failure to loose weight could be just about anything we could thinks of, but that would not solve the problem.

The famous quote “what you are and what you want to be” depends on what you do. Two major reasons we often fall short in weight loss are a proper weight loss meal plan and lack of physical activities. In the following discussion let’s find a few simple steps to optimize our fitness goals in 2021.

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A weight loss meal plan

When it comes to loose weight what we eat is the foundation. Calorie in calorie out though it’s an important concept, the type of calories being consumed is absolutely critical to the process. What we eat determines and plays a fundamental role in our body weight. Food is fuel but the wrong type of food could be counter effective. A meal consists of vegetables, clean protein, good carbs and good fat is fuel. On the other hand a meal that’s essentially junk food helps with hunger but doesn’t necessarily fuel our body.

A hectic lifestyle often labelled as the culprit but it’s actually matter of priority. Yes it may not be reasonable to be able to cook nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for many but planning ahead could help. Planning is the key. We could get millions of metaphors so I’ll just use one for simplicity, weight loss meal plan is a blueprint for healthy body weight. There are many services available such as Balance by Bistro, Tiller & Hatch, Freshly and more who provide prepackaged healthy meals.

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Choose, make to choice to eat healthy more everyday. A healthy snack and an unhealthy one does make a difference. One step at a time. Not getting overwhelmed is absolutely critical.

Intermittent Fasting to loose weight


By know most of you must have heard of intermittent fasting. The concept is fairly simple, you fast for hours or even days and have a selective time to eat. Intermittent fasting is not a diet it’s an approach to eat and how often. It limits the window of consuming calorie subsequently consuming less food.

Of course there are some strategies, so understanding the concept more clearly would be beneficial prior to starting intermittent fasting. When practicing intermittent fasting one could eat one or two big meals however for the better part of day they remain at a fasting state. There are many who practice fasting for both spiritual and health reasons however fasting gained more spotlight for as a tool to loose weight. Before starting intermittent fasting anyone should ensure it is beneficial for them, thorough research and speaking to an expert could be very helpful.

Intermittent fasting has an economic advantage as well. When practicing intermittent fasting one consumes relatively less food. So that translates into less spending at grocery stores or dining.

Hydration, drink more water

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How much water do you drink on a regular basis? Far too many individuals do not drink enough water. Dehydration could could adversely impact on body weight. Not drinking enough watercould lead to overeating, poor digestion, slows down metabolism among other problems. The list goes on so to reiterate drink more water on a regular basis. Water helps flush out toxins and help improve digestion. Dehydration could lead to fatigue so drinking plenty of water is essential to maintain an optimal energy level. Drinking water also aides skin health. So drinking plenty of water is truly beneficial in more ways than one. Make it a habit. Drink water before each meal which helps with consuming less food. Drink water first thing in morning after you wake up, it helps you hydrate and flush out toxins from your body more efficiently.


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Physical activities for mind and body

It’s no secret physical ctivities are crucial to weight loss, overall physical and mental health. Though the conventional way of workingout aka going to the gym may not be an option for many due to covid but there are other ways. Let’s simplify why we should be physically active, short answer it’s necessary. Excercise isn’t about vanity it’s about improvement. Physical and mental health both call for ample excercise on a regular basis. Excercise helps us get stronger, feel more energetic and prolong life.

Feeling physically and mentally our best is contingent on our activities, physical and spiritual. While medetating is highly recommended for a strong state of mind physical activities contribute to physical state. Excercising on a regular basis also helps feel more vibrant, boosts confidence level and release stress & anxiety. When excercising keep in mind what your current physical state is, overdoing or not doing enough could be counter productive.

Few additional tips

Recently a great emphasis has been put on Apple Cide Vinegar. This product which only costs few dollars could help lower blood sugar, aides digection, reduces belly fat and more. Of course coffee is another great tool, first and foremost it helps increase energy level. Caffiene helps burn fat. Green tea also helps with fat loss and it’s a great source for antioxidants.

Movement, even at smaller scale could aid loosing weight. Personally sometimes choosing to just stay sedentary seems so tempting. But moving leads to buring calories, and that subsequently leads to loose weight. If you are going to follow an easier path to excercise, layer up to sweat more. Use varities such as different tracks, fast & slow walk, using ankle weights.

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Supplements such as protien powder, amino acid, fat burner, multivitamins are also helpful in achieving fitness goals. Health supplements are a multibillion dollar industry and it’s growing. Companies like A1 Supplements and Bodybuilding.com bring you some of the best products available in the market.

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