Sense of Humor! Embrace it.

Your sense of humor

How is your sense of humor? You know how to laugh and see the lighter side in every situation? A good sense of humor is a tool which could be handy in variety of situations. Lack of sense of humor could cause us to think and overthink at an exhaustive level.

We live in a time where getting offended by anything and everything is a routine. And finding the lighter side of life is virtually vanishing.

It applies to social media, news and real life. If someone made fun of something that remotely relates to us some of us feel offended, we get upset. So essentially we are upset in this context over something irrelevant. A good sense of humor is that magic tool. Sense of humor often helps us getting over things that might be construed offensive but only if we acknowledge it.

Having a sense of humor, a good sense of humor or humor in general could be the saving grace. Humor saves us from being upset or offended in many situations, spare us from unnecessary distress.

How we see things matter

laughing diverse friends with beer bottles having party on terrace

The great life coaches and motivators often say we are frequently upset or happy not by what happens but the meaning we give to what happens. If a coworker is being an asshole one day to everyone or just a few does that mean rest of the day is shot to hell? NO. Now there are two ways to interpret what is happening; 1. maybe he or she is just having a bad day and taking it out on everyone around them 2. what this person is doing is unacceptable and it would ruin the day for all of us, their action determines how rest of us should feel for rest of the day. Yes the scenario is somewhat exaggerated but for the sake of making a point it was intentional.

What others do or do not do should not have that much control over who we are. However it seems more evident that we are often upset, sad, offended by the actions and words of others and it’s taking the joy out of life for that moment. When we are emotionally distraught physical wellbeing becomes less stable. We see all these antidepressant advertisements and everyone one of them the subject the context the music so grim we could almost sense the physical discomfort.

What if we changed the way we see and hear things. No I am not saying if you are being abused, bullied, or harmed just shake it off and laugh about it. Those are the extreme factors that require the right approach and a resolution. But when we don’t hear the right response from someone, what is your first reaction? Honestly mone is often disappointment. But lately I am working on changing that instinct.

Sense of humor could be a utility for everyday life when situations could subjectively good or bad. If we choose to hear, see and live life with a good sense of humor we would be too busy living a joyful life. If we choose to give meanings to what others are saying ot doing around us why not give it a meaning that doesn’t disrupt our way of living well?

Maybe someone is being awful because he or she is having a bad day. Does that need to be personal? Not really. Because if we make it personal we are giving a meaning to a situation that is absolutely irrelevant to us. So it ultimately comes down on how we interpret.

Good sense of humor is attractive


At work, at school, at family gatherings who is that one person most of us gravitate towards? The person who usually makes us laugh, tell us fun stories, entertain us. Entertainers are fascinating to us for this very reason. They for a brief moment take us away from harsh reality and surround us with laughs and imagination.

I never truly appreciated the value of sense of humor until I realized why I like to be around certain individuals, certain environment and influence. I love and enjoy being around friends, family members, co-workers, supervisors who know how to see the lighter side of situations. Their mere presence often lift my energy and spirit. Subsequently a sense of calm.

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Recent events have been exceptionally harsh. We are inundated with bad news by every outlet there is, so we need to choose our own source for laughter. That’s why we get glued to movies, sports, music. They ultimately change our state of mind.

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Be that person

Can you imagine being in a room full of Eddie Murphys, Jerry Seinfelds, Jim Carreys? A life where we are constantly surrounded by laughter too good to be true. Since we cannot be in a room full of A list commedian all the time why not be the person who could make someone laugh. A gift of laugher is priceless, when things get rocky in life you could count on the fact somone womewhere is remembering you for making them laugh. You gave them a feeling of joy and it costs you nothing.

Though it might sound absurd but as human we never should pass up an opportunity to laugh, smile, or just feeling joy. Sense of humor has a positive impact on overall health.


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