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Home schooling! An era to maximize online learning.

Home schooling in Covid-19 Era

Year 2020 will go down as the most unexpected and challenging year in history. 2020 forced us all to learn and adapt to a life we never though could be a reality. Normality became scarce and uncertainty is constant during this Covid-19 era. Working remote, home schooling, social distancing became a part of a pandemic controlled life. Parents had to learn to juggle working, parenting and yes home schooling. Covid-19 forced students to learn online in order to remain socially distant. Teachers and parents had to adapt to the new reality, and it’s virtual. Online chat, video, virtual classrooms became the major part of education.

Home schooling became attending school due to this worldwide pandemic. It would not be an exaggeration to say home schooling became the ultimate safety net for education continuity in 2020 and the beginning of 2021.


Reinvent and adapt to Covid-19

Schools, universities and colleges had to think outside the box. Hybrid, certain portion of weekly classes were and still are taking place online and rest in campus with accordance with the CDC measures against Covid-19. Though there are vaccines in horizon, we may have to wait few more months to see the glimpse of normalcy we once knew. However during this adjustment could we not maximize online learning? Could we not use the tools at our disposal to broaden the horizon of learning minds?

Online learning isn’t a brand new concept. Universal home schooling might be a new adjust for many. So how online learning could maximize learning, education and knowledge. The significant aspect of 2020 has been learning to adapt. For the most part parents did adapt to remote learning. Parents learned what is needed and what is expected for education continuity. In fact parents had to learn the subject matters discussed in virtual classes to be able to teach to their children. So both parents and students are acclimated to the broader range of home schooling. There were often some doubt about the validity of online learning, well now the irony is the very same method of learning is more feasible during a pandemic.

Be open to possibilities

I heard this quote over and over and I paraphrasing here “be open to everything and don’t get overly attached to anything”. Now what did I learn from it? I learned in life not being open to possibilities led me to more disappointments. I bought into the narrative that if I don’t know something well enough maybe it’s not important. Realizing my past ignorance truly astounded me. Now I consider myself a student and eager to learn from everywhere.

Growing up I believed mental and emotional instabilities could only happen to weak minds. I also felt success is combination of education and earning. Baffling, I know!!! It took years and many painful experiences before I realized the value of having an open mind. Criticizing something I didn’t understand was easy, appreciating and understanding something new required practice and focus.

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Learning Unconventional

Point is conventional and what’s on the surface do not reflect the true value. Most of every aspect of life is dependent on internet, social media, virtual environment yet when it comes to education online learning is not taken seriously. Granted online learning is not perfect but like everything else in this world it too needs more work to be solidified as succuss. Students who are learning more and more today online would make an easier transition to their career path. Like remote working remote learning could be a resourceful option. Online learning certainly is no match for hands on face to face learning, but the advancements of technology certainly made it more dynamic. So in certain cases it could definitely be a stepping stone for many students.

The world itself has become so much more information and data sectric. Unconventional is more welcome to this era. Education and learning must become dynamic itself to keep up with the trend.


Home schooling certainly lacks the social interaction aspects unlike going to class. Children, young adults and even adults develop certain social interaction skillets which often is very impactful in later chapters of life. Schools care for children when millions of parents are going to work or managing business etc. Also attending classes in person also has a discipline element to it. The value of conventional school cannot be overstated. However since attending in person class may not be an option for millions due to Covid-19 homeschooling has to be optimized. Making the most of it with the help of technology may not be an overreach. The tenacity of human nature is absolutely astonishing. Adapting to unconventional circumstances might be overwhelming at first but never ever impossible. Online learning portals are mostly truly efficient, it could certainly maximize learning on various topics. The key objective is maximize. Covid-19 personal protection and social distance learning bundles.

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The Home Schooling Stigma

The conventional wisdom often refers to homeschooling as less adequate. Because it lacks the personal touches, perhaps the discipline and more. It is true online learning is unlike in person learning heavily relies on technology and self starting. Nowadays every facet of life relies on technology and self starting. The world is gravitating towards more dynamics and unique skillsets. Consumers rely more on online portals. So individuals on the other side of the spectrum.

The takeaway

Covid-19 changed the way of life, reshaped normalcy and created demands for innovation. Often during to most trying times we often find our true strength and ability to overcome. Many sacrifices were made which would be never ever forgotten. Nevertheless when we come out of the other end of this pandemic, what would be the biggest takeaway for all of us. Unpredictability of life is inevitable. Adaptability is a tool.

We are extremely fortunate to have the advancements of science and technology. Learning, self-educating and self-training have become more efficient than ever. Self learning isn’t a replacement for a college degree or a high school diploma rather it’s an addition to our knowledge and skills. Homeschooling is contingent on creativity. Hence when students tap into their creative side of personality they realize their unlimited potential. Homeschooling combines with innovative approach could make a significant difference.

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